This gadget is going to save my relationship.

I have cats. Three cats to be exact. Three cats equate to a lot of cat poop. A lot of cat poop equates to a lot of kitty litter. A lot of kitty litter equates to a lot of mess. Get it?

I have tried everything under the sun to contain the cat litter mess. The litter box has been moved all around the kitchen/dining room in an effort to quarantine the stray litter that gets out of the box. I've tried fancy litter boxes, one even has steps so the litter comes off the bottom of the cat's foot and get trapped in the box. I tried a litter trapping plastic carpet that the cats are supposed to step on. I tried all sorts of brands and textures of litter to see which makes the least mess. I've tried everything short of making the cats outdoor cats. Cat litter was ruining my kitchen floor and Eric's nerves.

His job became the cat litter when I was pregnant. And he still has the job because HELLO? I make your dinner almost every single night and wash your clothes and birthed your child. Isn't that enough? I think that worked fairly well to make him feel indebted to me.

But my relationship is suffering. And it's all because of cat litter. It's so tiny and irritating when it gets stuck to the bottom of your feet. I swear, I can see Eric's head about to pop when he takes the broom and dustpan out for the 8th time in one day. His sentences are incomprehensible when he's sweeping up the cat litter. Something like this, "MOTHERFUCKINGCATLITTERITSEVERYWHEREIHATECATSANDWISHTHEYWOULDALLDIEBASTARDS."

He's not really serious, promise, but I know he gets so frustrated.

Enter a shopping trip to Target.

As I mentioned before, I'm attending a wedding this weekend. It's one of Eric's friends that is getting married. Since they registered at Target and I love Target shopping trips, off I went. As I glanced at the items they registered for I noticed something that was in my price range.

Isn't it pretty? It's a Dirt Devil broom. It's a vacuum AND a broom! All in one! And it's red! SCORE! I was so excited when I saw this. I bought two on that shopping trip. One for a wedding gift and one for my own house.

Let me tell you, this gadget has saved my relationship. I can sweep the whole kitchen in less than a minute and not a trace of cat litter can be found. Eric doesn't call the cats bastards anymore which is great because I don't want Jackson to think it's ok to call animals bastards, even though it would be funny. Until he got into kindergarten. And I don't get the evil eye from Eric while he's sweeping up minuscule flecks of litter.

I strongly encourage any cat owners, who loathe litter all over the floor, to get one of these. They come in different colors, too. Silver and pink and I think even yellow. You will not be disappointed, I promise.


You see what my life has been reduced to? Finding a cure for a cat litter problem. Sheesh.


She Likes Purple said...

This contraption would still not convince Mike to get a cat. I think our lives are going to be cat-free for all of time.

Jess said...

This is clever! I don't ever want a cat but if one is somehow forced upon me I will make sure to obtain the magic vacuum/broom.

Prairie said...

Four cats. Hardwood floors. Four litter boxes. OCD-hates-litter-on-the-floor-Flower. Kristie, thank you for this recommendation. I think it's just what we need.

Elena said...

Our litter box is in the basement, so we don't have much of a problem with it being tracked everywhere. I've looked at these many times though, simply because our problem is the alarming amount of loose fur drifting around our floors at any point in time. I've refrained from buying one because I don't think it will hold enough fur to be worthwhile. Maybe I'll rethink that idea and give it a shot, though. I can always return it, right?

Anonymous said...

ah, isn't getting old great?? It reduces us to arguments about our pets and their un-avoidable messes, and shopping for quick fixes! sheesh is right. :)

kristabella said...

Dude, I'm so getting one of these. I have the same problem. Stupid hardwood floors. It would be hidden in carpet in a nice shade of grey.

Starr said...

That thing freakin RAWKS! I'm so with Eric on this one. I hate cat litter! Grrrrr