2008, here we come!

Dang, you can't see it, but my hat has this fun skull and cross bones on it. And I have a matching scarf! It was friggin cold last night. I'm sure not compared to North Dakota or, say, Alaska. But by Dallas standards, it was cold. Thank goodness for synthetic fibers that are woven into punky looking scarves and hats!

Don't mind Eric's eyes. You can totally tell he's knocked back a few. In fact, we went to Whataburger at 2:30 am and he kept asking me to order him a 'krifaffle'. I repeatedly told him there was no such menu item, but he was insistent that he 'WANTED A DAMN KRIFAFFLE, KRISTIE!". He got a taquito instead which he kept calling a 'taqwito'. He's mine ladies, back off.
And this is my favorite. Tearing up the dance floor, only the way my Gumbo can do it.
Happy New Year everyone! I hope it's a wonderful, sane, happy, memorable, lovely, enlightening, fun year for everyone.


Elena said...

That's AWESOME! Looks like you had a blast. I spent most of the holiday sick in bed, but it sure did beat being sick at work. ;)

Jess said...

Awesome photos! It looks like you had a fantastic time. Happy New Year!

Le Petit Chic said...

Ha! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Oh, and I can always tell how far gone Jon is by how bloodshot his eyes are :)

Michelle said...

happy new year! you guys are adorable :)