The newest way to irritate the snot outta me.

I know that many of you get those forwarded e-mails. I get them too, all the time. I forward a few here and there but I'm usually very selective about them. I don't forward overtly religious e-mails or ones that say I will die if I don't pass this along in 10 minutes. I check snopes.com every time I get an e-mail that says someone is going to take my kidneys and leave me in a tub of ice water. I don't mind getting forwards, some of them I find funny or interesting. The ones I don't like I delete them and go on with my day.

But, there's a new strain of forwards that are irritating me to no end. They find me wherever I am and taunt me. Recently I've been getting text message forwards on my cell phone. It's doubly irritating because I'm expecting a text message from a friend that says they miss me or were just thinking about me and wondering how I was doing. Or maybe they want to make plans to get together. So I pick up my cell phone, flip it open only to see something like this:

Psalm 27 : Say this slowly "God i love u & need u" Send to 10 ppl & A miracle will happen 2nite. Ignore and everything will go 2 hell

This is the exact text message I got last night. Now, let me say that the person who sent this is a fun and sweet guy. He's always lovely to hang out with and I consider him a friend. But I wanna smack him for costing me $.10 to get a text message like that. (Dude, seriously, if you read this, I'll buy you a beer or 7 to make up for trashing you.)

I never did forward that text message. In fact, I promptly deleted it and didn't even flinch. I guess it's good that I didn't care much, because apparently everything is going straight to hell.


She Likes Purple said...


I would stop being their friend instantly.

EmilyPie said...

I've recv'd crap like that too! And from family none-the-less. family that knows what my stance is on a.) forwards and b.) religion!

apparently, no matter how vocal I am about this or how many times i DON'T send them a forward... they still don't get it. grrr.

I've decided that old country bumpkins should not be allowed access to email!

Le Petit Chic said...

Ohhhh, I've never received text message spam. Crap. That's really annoying!
Oh, and that wind you mentioned yesterday? Is blowing full force in Virginia now!

Jess said...

I would throw my phone right through the window if I got a text message like that. Seriously. And then I would send a bill for a new phone plus the 10 cent text message charge to whoever sent it in the first place.

Michelle said...

that must be the newest craze. i got one on thanksgiving that said something like "i am thankful for having you in my life. pass this on to everyone you're thankful for on thanksgiving"

PUH-LEASE. and i got this text from a guy i had been on ONE date with at the time. yeah.

Rebecca said...

Remember, it is all about journey...not the destination!

Raven said...

The boy gets those all the time but thankfully I don't.

SLynnRo said...

Speechless. Wow.

kristabella said...

I've received a few of those. But never the Jesus ones.

That would make me go insane.