I'm in love. With my hair.

I've been using flat iron's on my hair for years and years. I am not blessed with straight hair. It's a cross between wavy and slightly curly, depending on the products I use.

I use to have a hot pink iron that had interchangeable plates. You could straighten your hair or crimp it. I rarely crimped it and usually only did that when I dressed up as an 80's rock star for Halloween, which was quite often I will admit. Then I got a different iron a few years ago and I liked it well enough. When you turned it on it made this noise much like the sound of a vibrator. Or a more G-rated electric toothbrush. It did the job of straightening my hair as long as I spent 20+ minutes doing each and every section of my hair.

A few months ago a friend told me about the Chi flat iron so I asked for it for Christmas. i just couldn't justify spending over $75 on a beauty tool.

Lucky me, I got one! (Two actually, but I'm selling one of them to my friend who originally recommended the Chi to me.) I used it the day after Christmas and have used it everyday since. I love love love my Chi. It takes about 5-7 minutes to straighten my entire head of hair. It's straight as a pin and looks so shiny. It doesn't make that awful vibrator noise and it takes mere seconds to heat up as opposed to the 10 minutes it took my other flat iron to heat up.

I highly recommend this tool if you want straight hair. It's my new favorite thing in the world.

But don't be like this one lady who posted a review about the Chi. To paraphrase, she said, "My only complaint is that the iron gets too hot and it burned my finger". Seriously? A flat iron got hot? And you stuck your finger in it why?

Click here to see the Chi.

(P.S. Thanks Jess for the how to to do links!!


I'm over here!

Hi and welcome, again. I moved on over yonder (who says that anymore? I think it should totally come back in style). Anyways, I moved over here. I love TypePad, but I can't justify spending money each month when I know I'll be slacking in the blogging department when tax season starts in a few weeks.

See, there. I freely admit I will suck at posting blogs on a regular basis. This also means I will suck at reading blogs on a regular basis. Please forgive me in advance. If you knew how much tax season kicks my ass, you'd feel bad for me.

I hope that everyone finds me over yonder (ha!) and comes back often.

Love and blogging...

(P.S. I know that my use of the word yonder is in the wrong context, but it's still a fun word to throw out there without warning.)