SHIT! Shit times about 150 or so

I JUST accidentally marked the button on my Google Reader to 'mark all as read'. SHIT. I was slowly making my way through all the blogs I haven't caught up on and I had about 150 or so left to go. I was determined, DETERMINED I tell you, to read each and every one and comment on all of them. I've been foiled by my sketchy trigger finger.



Jess said...

Oh no! I didn't even know that was possible! Isn't there some sort of undo button? That's so mean!

She Likes Purple said...

Oh gosh, I did that once. That just sucks, I know!

In other news, I bought that Cooking Light cookbook today. I don't count books or things for the house (cookbooks) in my shopping fast, as these things will contribute to the kind of life I want to build.

I'll let you know when I get it and how much I love it!

kristabella said...

Dude. That suuuuucks! Oh noes!

Anonymous said...

oh CRAP! I'm sorry!

Raven said...

This is why I manually go to each of your blogs and check every day. Technology be damned, or something.