I know, I'm stealing this from many other bloggers.

Jennie and Katie and Jess (my BlogHer roomies!!!) all wrote similar posts about what to expect when you meet them at BlogHer. Since I like to steal ideas, this is a perfect opportunity.

Here's a little list of what to expect when you meet me.

1. I say the stupidest stuff sometimes when I'm nervous and I don't do well with silence. So I talk and talk and talk and sometimes won't shut the hell up. Feel free to place your (clean!) hand over my mouth or kick me. I promise not to kick back. At least not too hard.

2. Did you read Jennie's post that talks about how she and I know each other? I am referring to #6 on her list. Yes, I'm her husband's ex girlfriend. And I totally claim Jennie as my own. If you care to know more you can read this entry.

3. I start out the day caring about my appearance. Lip gloss on, hair perfectly coiffed, cute shoes that match my outfit. By the end of the day I'm usually attempting to pull my short hair back, grabbing the closest tube of chap stick, putting flip flops on and wearing pj's. I may even run around the hotel in my pj's at night. You are warned.

4. I'm short. Like 5'4" short. It sucks.

5. I have tiny wrists and ankles. This is the only tiny thing about me.

6. Much like Katie, I love to dance. I think I dance pretty good, but chances are I really suck. And if I do suck, please don't tell me. Let me live in my bubble.

7. I don't drink much at all. If you see me with a glass of wine or champagne or a beer and then see me again in an hour, it's probably the same beverage you saw the first time around. Sure I have my notorious drunk stories (there's a cab driver in Austin that HATES me), but I'm over drinking for the most part.

8. I'm almost all the way through my 30 days of being a vegetarian and I think I will keep it up for good. I've done research and have decided that, for me, meat is just not that important to me and my health. So don't be surprised when I pass up bacon and hamburgers for a salad or veggies.

9. I really like jewelry and accessories. It's an obsession. If I blind you with dinner plate sized earrings or a lime green purse consider this your apology. If you want to compliment my pretties, please do. We can chat about jewelry and shoes and bags. I may even have an extra drink ticket or two to give you if you are particularly generous with the compliments.

10. I love to shop. I'm extremely excited to go to H&M. Chances are I'll be the girl that is dragging around a ton of stuff that won't fit in my suitcase and I'll be mailing stuff to myself to not exceed the baggage weight limit.

11. And lastly...I'm not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes I clam up if people are in a group talking and I barely know anyone which I'm sure is likely to happen. I'll open up I promise, once I feel like I have something meaningful to contribute.


I'm super excited to meet some bloggers I've been reading for a while. If I run up to you and start talking really fast and act all giddy, just smile and nod. I'll leave you alone eventually. I think we all have our blog crushes. I'm no exception.

Also, I have a burning question. I think check out on Sunday is noon or something like that. But my flight's not till around 7pm. What the hell am I supposed to do with my baggage while I finish exploring the city? I don't want to tote around my suitcase for hours. HALP!


Kristabella said...

They will store your bags at the hotel at the bell stand. You'll be fine to still explore the city with no suitcases.

Yay! It is right around the corner! Hanging out with Heather B. last night got me SO excited!

DoodleBunz said...

I can't wait to hear about all your fun experiences! I'm living vicariously through you!

Jason said...

I am also going to be excited to hear all about Blogher. And thanks to your last post, I know that I would be able to recognize you from WAY across the room, no matter what your emotion!

Raven said...

I posted my list too!

La Petite Chic said...

Oooh, I have a late flight too (the freaking red eye!), so I'll be right there with you. Which, btw, are you just carrying your bag or checking one?