Is she a mean dog?

My mom called me today and read a story to me that she found in the newspaper about Michael Vick. You know, the guy who got caught using Pit Bulls to fight each other? That dude. I like to refer to him as that asshat who needs a real hobby.

Moving on.
The story talks about the Pit Bulls that were still living that Michael Vick didn't get a chance to pulverize. And that story made my heart sing. I know that this story will get no where near the news coverage that I think it should get, so I'm here to pass it along to whoever will listen.

Go to the link above and see the picture. It shows Leo, a certified therapy dog, with a cancer patient. This dog was doomed for certain death if left in the hands of Michael Vick. Leo is a Pit Bull. Does Leo look dangerous? Of course not, if he was he certainly wouldn't be a therapy dog surrounded by people.

Excerpt from the article linked above:

More than a year after being confiscated from Vick’s property, Leo visits cancer patients as a certified therapy dog in California. Hector is about to start training for national flying disc competitions in Minnesota. Teddles takes orders from a 2-year-old. Gracie is a couch potato in Richmond, Va., who lives with cats and sleeps with four other dogs.
As a Pit Bull owner I am so so happy that someone took the time to write this article and show that Pit Bulls are not vicious, people eating animals.

One of my clients, who knows I have 2 children, asked me if my Pit Bull, Emma, was a mean dog. I couldn't help but laugh at the question. I told her of course Emma wasn't a mean dog. If she was did she really think I'd keep her around my two kids? Come on, seriously?

Emma lets Jackson walk all over her and smack her in the face. When she gets tired of it she get up and moves away. Emma thinks she's people and attempts to sleep next to me with her head on the pillow. Emma attempts to groom my cats. Emma slept with a Pomeranian that I used to have. (Side note: I had to find a home for my Pom because she bit kids. Ironic, I know.)

It just goes to show that Pit Bulls are misunderstood and it's a damn shame.

She might beat you with her excited tail on the shins. Or lick you to death. Or maybe even knock you over in her excitement. As for being mean? Not a chance in hell.


Raven said...

People were the same way when I had a rottie or even with my boxer because they always think she is part pitt.

I try to tell them that it's not the dog it's how they are raised (with the exception of dobies those bitches be CRAZY) but people breed fear.

Angella said...

I had a coworker in Vancouver who had the SWEETEST pit bull. They totally get a bad rap :)

Crazy Mama said...

I wish pits got more good publicity like this. They're beautiful loving dogs.
Also I'm pretty sure that every mean dog that I've ever encountered was of the ankle biting variety.

Missah said...

LMAO! Oh ginger! I miss her! She was great (as long as she didn't dig in mud and get COVERED head to foot in it!)

I totally think it's in how you treat your dogs as to their personality. Dogs are super forgiving and loyal no matter if they are chow chows, pits, rotties etc.

Just like some humans can be assholes so can some dogs! It all boils down to parenting and friends.

Moral of my story, don't let your dogs hang out with the thugs down the street!

La Petite Chic said...

It makes me so happy that those beautiful dogs got a second chance at life.

Anonymous said...

Awww! I'm so glad not all of those pitbulls were a lost cause.
I am one of those people who has a fear of pitbulls. Although, I have met 2 that I absolutely adore, but I am still extremely nervous around them. I was bit by one when I was about 2, and I don't remember it, but all my life I have been told that pitbulls are mean. So. I'd love to meet your girl and have a 3rd pit to add to my 'okay to pet' list. :)

DoodleBunz said...

I agree totally. Boo will totally lick you to death too. Although, she's got a pretty vicious...idk, wink? Seriously, the dog is a wimp. And she's also a pibble. I think they're about the most loyal dogs out there.....

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

Wow, thanks for posting this. I wondered what happened to all the other dogs. It's so nice to hear they are doing well. Pit bulls are not bad dogs, it's their environment and how they are raised by the people that care for them that determines their personality.

Emily said...

thank you too! I'm a bully lover too. Emma looks absolutely adorable :D

Sarah said...

gah thanks for writing this, my parents have a pit and he is the most loveable dog I have ever met...ever!