Is everyone tired of BlogHer recaps?

Let me preface this post by saying that I am so exhausted. So exhausted that when I saw a lady snuggling on the ground with her pillow at the airport last night I was tempted to join her in the sleep fest.

I didn't get a chance to sleep on the plane because I spent the entire flight listening (read: eaves dropping) to a man in his late 60's talk to my seat mate who was in her early 20's. Normally I'd tune out people talking on an airplane. But I just knew that something was different with this conversation when the gentleman retrieved his glossy laminated flow charts to show the projected income for his 'venture capital project'. I swear, when the number $600 million escaped his lips I visibly saw the young woman's chest rise closer to the mans face and she flashed her pearly whites and maybe even batted her eyelashes. It was creepier to watch them exchange personal information because she gave the guy her home address.

I'll keep you posted on any impending news stories, it's only a matter of time, I'm sure.

Ok, back to BlogHer. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Seriously, in a nut shell it was lovely. There were some tense moments and some awkward moments and some feeling left out moments, but I think everyone went through a whole string of emotions but we all ended up with positive experiences and made new friends and generally had a blast.

My roomates were the best. I couldn't have handpicked a better group of women to share this experience with. I owe most of the success on this trip to them. Thank you girls, you are all so special to me.

From left me, Katie, Jess and Jennie.
I met some amazing women that I am honored to have spent time with. I think everyone was exactly as a I pictured them in my head and some were even better than I expected.
I learned so many things on this trip. About blogging, about people, about a new city and mostly about myself. Surely it sounds cheesy but I think I am changed forever in a positive way. Someday I'll share what's changed. But for now, I'll share a few pictures in no particular order. (See a few others on my Flickr page.)

Emily Pie. Go look at her photos...they are just amazing. She has a pretty hot red nose, too.
Me and Jennie.
Jess and Jennie.
Jess and I have tattoos in the same place.
Thank God for wireless Internet. (Emily and Jennie.)
Oh how I love thee, Lush.
If Texas trees saw this tree they would feel so so so inadequate.
Me and the lovely Kristen.
Jess, me and Jennie.
An attempt at an artsy fartsy photo on a crappy camera.
Sarah and me. Such posers. Sarah is totally one of my new blog crushes.
One of my favorite things in the world. Trees coming together and meeting over a street.
Muppet love!
Oh to live by a beach. *sigh*


SLynnRo said...

Your jewelry is fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

And now I am reading your blog AND leaving a comment and all of your dreams have come true, right?
It was very super cool to meet you too.

Kristabella said...

It was so nice to meet you! Even though it looks like I inhaled a whale in ALL THESE PHOTOS!

I'm glad people still talked to my fat face! :)

Sarah said...

wow, your blog crush huh? You keep talkin like that and I will get you those cookie covers you love so much!

Ashley said...

So nice to meet you! Glad you had a wonderful time. :)

Raven said...

I love our feet in the sand. I think I am going to frame that picture!

La Petite Chic said...

I loved meeting you and being your roomie!! I had the best time.

Rebecca said...

I'm not sick of them! Especially since I am from SF and miss it so so much!

Rebecca said...

I'm not sick of them! Especially since I am from SF and miss it so so much!

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you at BlogHer. Doesn't it all kind of blur together for you now though? I'm jealous that you had roommates to hang with. I knew absolutely no one there, but met a ton of people.