I need a favor from you, Internet

Hello Internet! I need a favor, please.

My pretty new Mp3 player arrived recently and it's desperate for new music to be added to it.

The main use for this new gadget is for music to workout to so I need suggestions for some fast, fun, get-your-blood-pumping music.

All you lurkers out there...here's your chance. Don't let me or my ass that needs to get into shape down. :)


La Petite Chic said...

Ha! I was contemplating writing a workout music post but now I'll just read yours :) My favorites to work out to are all pop songs: Toxic, Britney Spears; Milkshake-Kelis; Outta My Head-Kylie Minogue; basically anything that has a good beat and makes me feel (or want to feel!) sexy.

Elena said...

Ooooh, does your computer have a dvd drive? Lemme know. I'll totally send you a bunch of music. If not, I'll just have to stick with cds. ;)

Missah said...

I'm sure your going to roll your eyes since our music tastes are totally different but, here ya go

Your totally going to laugh but I LOVE Paper Airplanes M.I.A it's a total gangster song but it's so fun to listen to (especially when you are annoyed!)

Flobots: Handlebars (lol)
Linkin Park: Given up
Muse: Starlight
Bravery: An honest mistake

I also list them like a fast song and I make it my goal to run the entire song. Then I have a slow song to walk to, then another fast song to run, then another slow, then medium to power walk to etc. Eventually I will be able to run an entire mile straight and they will all be fast

Jess said...

Rihanna! And Miley Cyrus!

And no, I'm not a tween. I swear.

Ali said...

Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate
Tilly and The Wall - Beat Control
VAmpire Weekend - A Punk
The Go! Team - Doing It Right

you won't be sorry!

Ali said...

if you are an indie music fan, i highy recommend: http://www.indiesouprunner.com/

Nicole said...

Here are a few of my faves:

The Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin' Beats; Hey Boy, Hey Girl
Hot Chip: Over and Over
Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At?; Red Alert
Fatboy Slim: Praise You; Weapon of Choice; Right Here, Right Now
Kinobe: Whirling Round
Faithless: Salva Mea
Lemon Jelly: Nice Weather For Ducks

Good luck!

Kristabella said...

My favorite work out songs are "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters and "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" by Big & Rich. Or "Poison" by Bel Biv DeVoe. And "Shut Up & Drive" by Rhianna.