Ok, one last one before I head out the door.

I leave for the airport in 3 hours which means I have just enough time to pack a few more pairs of shoes.

I fully intended on saving the $30 total it was going to cost me to check my bag but then I realized around midnight last night that 6 pairs of shoes was absolutely essential to my cast of wardrobe changes.

And it was necessary to bring extra jewelry so I can help some of my accessory challenged bloggy friends get all dolled up.

And of course I couldn't pack just one sweater, I have to bring 3 because one goes with each outfit.

And I found a dress yesterday that I can wear to one of the parties that I think is so cute. Which meant I needed more coordinating jewelry and shoes. It's a never ending cycle.

Simplified packing be damned! (Sorry Mom, I'm sure you had hoped for better, but let's face it, I'm a chronic over packer.)

Now, let's just send American Airlines some 'please be on time today' vibes and I'll be a happy girl.


Oh, and also! Thank you to lovely lady, Jamie, who left a comment yesterday about Frederic Fekkai's travel products. I had no idea! I sure hope there's a Sephora on Union Square so I can load up. Jamie, please tell your bosses that you deserve a raise. Or a cute pair of shoes at the very least.

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Anonymous said...

I.AM.SO.JEALOUS. sigh. please have fun for me, drink a bit, say hi to all those awesome women, and.....bring me back a post card. ha!! ;)