I'm thinking of changing my blog name to Thistletwat*

So, Saturday was the BEST! DAY! EVER! I quit being so whiny about not knowing anyone and I met a bunch of random strangers I had never met and went kayaking. Let me repeat, I met a bunch of STRANGERS that I had never met before. EVER! And it was a total blast.

Some dude that runs this particular kayaking group loaned me a kayak to use, another guy loaned me a life jacket (that was too big, but beggars can't be choosers) and a lady let me borrow her paddle because it was a lighter version of the one the first dude let me borrow.

A group of about 12 of us teetered about on a lake that I realized was only 15 minutes from my house. Who knew I had (almost) water front property. Maybe that explains why my taxes are ass high.

I had so much fun watching the wildlife and floating and rocking back and forth and getting a slight tan. I busted out the kids SPF 50 and rocked it the whole time because even though I am part Italian AND Indian (which I just discovered recently) I burn to a crisp even when the sun is on the other side of the world.

Total blast. I am so proud that I got off my hiney and ventured into the real world with real people. Go me!

Oh, and also, Sunday was pretty kick ass, too. I, along with my momma, threw a baby shower for my Sister-In-Law (Hi SIL!). Was lots of fun and who doesn't love looking at tiny pink (I'm getting a niece!!!) pants and cute little onesies with butterflies? I know I do.

After the shower and some last minute BlogHer shopping (Hello new jacket...see it? Over there on the right?) the fam, including my grandma who's in town, loaded up in the cars and drove to the Bass Performance Hall to see Avenue Q. FUCKING HILARIOUS. Have you seen it? You have? It was awesome, yes? Oh wait, you over there haven't seen it? You simply MUST. It's so great that I am reduced to using caps lock because I want you to go see it. NOW.

And lastly, I'm pissed at my throat. It hurts and I don't know why. If I get sick I will be so so so angry. Internet, please share with me your best home remedies for getting rid of a scratchy throat.


*I'm not really going to change my blog name. I just really wanted to use the word Thistletwat in my blog title. It's a character from Avenue Q. And I'm not kidding, go see it, you will not be sorry. Unless you are a little bit racist.


Raven said...

That is a cute jacket!

I want to see Ave Q really badly.

Missah said...

How fun! What lake is it? Eagle Mountain is the only one I can think of?? If so you've been there before (I think but I could be wrong...not sure if you ever came on Chad's boat with us)

I LOVE Thistletwat. I can't say it fast though!

Kristabella said...

That is a cute jacket!

Fun! We both had a weekend of meeting strangers! We're so set for SF!

Shane said...

I want to kayak with you.

lilfootsmommy said...

Wow..go you!!! I'm glad you had so much fun!!!

Very cute jacket!

Hot tea with honey and lemon!!! For the scratchy throat...every other hour or two!

La Petite Chic said...

Love the new jacket. It's beautiful. I'll have to put Avenue Q on my long list of things to see!

Jess said...

This sounds so fun! Go you for doing something new!

Also, don't get sick! Feel better!

Ali said...

shit. i don't have a new jacket. i'm so screwed...