I'll be mindful of the Snickers.

Dear body,

Hi! How are you? Feeling better lately, I hope?

You may have noticed a few changes in the last few months and I hope you find them quite agreeable. I'm sure you have noticed that I've, for the most part, stopped stuffing you full of junk food and fried foods since October, right? I know you can tell because you released some of the fat that's been hanging on for dear life. Mostly in the ass area and let's not forget the tummy area, arm area, thigh area, eyelid area and little toe area, also. Body, you were hanging on to fat in some weird places. I know it's hard to let go, but please, just say goodbye and release it all. I give you permission.

I would venture to guess that your sweat glands have noticed an excess amount of leakage, right? It's from the working out. On a regular basis! Can you believe it? Me neither. I appreciate that you don't make me look like a total fool and have the capability to lift more than the bare minimum on the weight machines. I know I make you wake up sore some mornings, but you know it's for the best, right?

Also, have you missed anything? Did you notice I cut out all meat and fish? It's been 39 days that you've gone without anything that formerly had a face. Do you miss it? No? I didn't think so. Did you know that just by cutting out meat that I potentially saved you from some cancers and other health problems? I had no idea, either!

Oh body, how I've abused you and taken you for granted for so many years. It's sad, really. I only get one of you and already I'm ashamed at the ways I've treated you. It's true what they say, we treat those closest to us the worst and I'm no exception.

I promise, from here on out, to take better care of you. To be aware of what I'm putting you through. To make an effort to remember that you care for me and I should do the same. To remember that I only get one of you. To be mindful that you are made to move and not just to sit on a couch all day.

I promise to continue to eat well and exercise on a regular basis and treat you like the temple you are. I only get one chance so I better do it right from now on.

Also, body? Please ignore when I occasionally happen across a large bag of party size Snickers. The small size confuses me and I forget that 14 party size Snickers are, even though tiny in size, the equivalent of a whole Snickers.




Elena said...

I still need to send you that dvd of workout music, don't I? Oh, dear. I'm so lazy sometimes. =(

Congrats on your successes, darling!

CARLY said...

You're doing soooo awesome, Kristie! That's so great for you; it really is!! Keep doing posts like this one... they might motivate me to get off my own arse and lose some weight.

Anonymous said...

Yipeeee for you! I am so proud of you!!! Keep it up!

SLynnRo said...

impressuve. just damn impressive.

La Petite Chic said...

Keep it up, honey! You totally impressed me at BlogHer with your early morning workouts. :)

Christine said...

My body is extremely jealous your body has an owner like you. (Who I met at BlogHer, twice. And didn't know it till I saw your precious card. Twice. The ultimate illustration of business card overload!)