Maybe I can get more naps in now.

One of the gifts I requested for my birthday was to have someone come into my home and clean it. Top to bottom. Left to right. Spick 'n span. I honestly didn't expect to get it as a gift, but I did and I'm positively giddy at the prospect. (Thank you Mom and Dad!)

Fortunately I know someone who has a cleaning lady and I've seen her work and I feel comfortable having her come into my home and making it all pretty.

It's humbling to realize that you need help. I could keep my house clean for an extended amount of time and I have before, but man, it's hard work. I'd have to spend an hour a day, everyday, just to maintain all the duties that having an entire house requires. It's not like I have a huge house, but I do have 3 cats a dog and live in an area where dust is always flying due to the new home construction.

Sure, when people come over, my house is usually clean and tidy, but don't open that one drawer in the kitchen. And please don't bring any white gloves to test for dust. Also, it's not necessary for you to inspect the kitchen floor too closely.

I realized recently that I never invite people over because I stress that my house isn't clean enough, or doesn't smell good enough or isn't dust free enough. And I'm the first to admit that I can be the world's worst house keeper.

Plus, I'd rather worry about making dinner for my kids or reading one of my new books or playing Wii fit with Derick.

Some things are just more important than scrubbing the bathtub.

Napping being one of those important things.


She Likes Purple said...

Let me know if you love her. I'm looking to do one deep cleaning to our house before Mike's birthday party.

Maybe I can grab her name/number if you do like her and if she's willing to come to me (I'm assuming she's near you?).

Anyway, what a great gift. Your house always looks great when I see it, but I totally understand how it goes.

Your Mom said...

By Leslie Prest
Housework can wait,
my children need kisses.
They want me to play,
I'll put off the dishes.
When they're grown,
I'll keep the house spic 'n' span...
But children grow fast so I'll play while I can.

Jess said...

I really want someone to clean our house, too. Except it's a tiny apartment and I have tons of free time. Apparently I'm lazy.

Elena said...

I would give my left breast to have someone come in and clean my house. Unfortunately, because I know myself, I'd have to spend hours cleaning before he/she got here so I didn't feel embarrassed by my squalor.

There's nothing on earth that will put me into a worse mood than someone stopping by unexpectedly, if the house isn't perfectly clean. If I had my way, I would probably spend about an hour and a half cleaning the house every day, with another few hours on the weekend to do some deeper cleaning. That's what I did before Todd came into my life. Sadly, marrying a slob who hates it when I clean has required me to make some compromises in that department. I'm only allowed to really clean the house once per week, and he still complains about that. Ah, well.

Send your cleaning person over to my house when he/she is done. Somehow, I'll swallow my shame and put him/her to work. ;)

Ms. R said...

I completely agree. Life is too short to drink cheap wine and to clean!

Kristabella said...

What a great gift! I should ask for that for my birthday! Although, being unemployed I don't really have an excuse as to why I'm NOT cleaning. I mean, besides O.C. and 90210 re-runs on Soap Net.