I guess I'm official now.

So you remember that I wrote a post about going Vegan? In case you were wondering, it's going smashingly! I've had a few slip ups on accident, but I've done really well.

Somethings are easier than others. I like pizza without cheese and loaded with veggies. I find that I don't really miss Parmesan cheese on my pasta. The thought of real meat kind of makes me queasy now after all the books I've read. I don't miss cream in my coffee because I just use a milk alternative. I read labels obsessively and am getting better and better at locating the hidden animal derivatives that lurk in foods that I never knew had animal products in them. (Those sneaky manufacturers!) I've enjoyed cooking more and more and discovering new foods.

Eating out is a bit tougher. I know certain places that have stuff that I will eat. Other places only have salad. I try to not be that girl who makes eating out a chore. I can manage anywhere I go to find something to satisfy me and my tummy. For the most part, that is.

One of the things I did when I decided to go all Vegan was to join a message board. It's been an invaluable tool. I get recipe ideas, junk food ideas (YIKES!) and support from people who know exactly what I'm going through. I am so grateful that I found such a wealth of information in one spot.

As a result of joining this message board I'm now participating in another blog. It's a Texas Vegan blog. All about Texas and Vegans! How exciting! It's called Lone Star Plate and I'm really excited to be part of this. I wrote my very first post today and am thinking of more things to write about.

Even if you aren't a Vegan, please check it out at some point. You might find a new recipe or information that could very well save your life. Or at least help you pass a few minutes of your day.


Missah said...

Hey! I sent you an email the other day about a vegan lasagna recipe that uses eggplant and egg roll wrappers but it came back as undeliverable? Email me and I'll give you my new ones of the day!

Raven said...

Congratulations honey! I'm glad it's working out so well for you. :)

Even if I could go vegetarian healthily, I could never give up my fattening parm and pasta dishes. OMG. The italian in me dies inside just considering it; at least you can do it for me.

I did wonder the other day though, have you given up leather goods entirely? Like shoes and handbags too?

Sarah said...

aww I'm proud of you in a weird way. You are doing so well! I know that has to take so much will power-will power I do not have haha!

Crystal said...

Hey you :)
You should post some vegan recipes! And let us know what those foods are that have "hidden animal products", I'm really curious about what they are!
I'm not vegan, but I'm really interested in it, or at least being a "part-time" vegan since I know it would be healthier for me, much better than all the "crud" I eat now!

L said...

I eat a lot of vegan food but not so much by choice. Most of the pre-made gluten free food I eat also is vegan so I find myself eating vegan a lot. Maybe I should take the plunge and just go full vegan!

Crazy Mama said...

months and months later. You've inspired me. Not to be a vegan but to give up meat. Right now I'm not ready to give up the milk and cheese. I need recipe ideas or a good link to get them from. Gimme a hollar and lemme know.