I'm telling you what I really think.

I came home tonight with glee in my heart and a spring in my step. The television gods were finally smiling down on millions of people who have been subsisting on reruns and made for TV movies. Tonight was the season premier of The Office and Grey's Anatomy.

Happy happy joy joy! FINALLY! I've been waiting for months. The anticipation grew to such proportions that I was reduced to using multiple !!!!!!!! when talking about my shows coming back on.

I come home, get the kids to bed, settle down with a PB&J and a glass of water. I get the best seat in the house, prop a pillow under my resting arm and grab the television remote in sweet anticipation. This is the moment I've been waiting for.

I hit the list menu that displays all the shows that were supposed to have recorded tonight. I scan quickly for The Office. When I don't see it, I scan the list again, more slowly this time around. Not there. Well isn't that odd. Surely it's there, DirecTV wouldn't be that much of an asshole to not record the season premier when just last week it recorded reruns. Oh, but it did.

There's more.

After regaining my composure slightly, I scan the list menu for Grey's Anatomy. There it is! YES. I commence with the settling in, perturbed about my other show, but willing to suck it up and watch the second show.

I'm well into the thick of Meredith's internal struggle with herself and thinking that Rose is just a scorned woman and I feel for her when the show stops and DirecTV asks me if I want to delete this recording? Well, would I??

Seems that DirecTV was a bigger asshole and only recorded half of Grey's Anatomy.

My evening is shot and I'm so so irritated. DirectTV, I have one thing to "say" to you.

(Hi Grandma! Please ignore the posted picture. Love you!)


Jason said...

Oh....this is so RUDE! I hate it when this happens.

DoodleBunz said...

abc.com should have the whole thing. And believe me, you want to watch the rest of it. I'm sorry DirectTV sucks so much!

She Likes Purple said...

Oh now that's just not cool.

Also, I haven't finished Grey's yet, so I was hoping there were no spoilers. You're more than welcome to come over tonight and watch it with me.

Juanita said...

Sorry that really sucks. Tivo can be your friend but it can also be your enemy!!

La Petite Chic said...

Oh, no!!! That is awful :(

Jennie said...

I think even your grandmother will be okay with the finger over this - how awful!!

Ms. R said...

We call it TIvo Mad in our house.

just a girl... said...

lol not laughing at you but with you. Same thing happend to me last week with the hills. Oh and if it wouldnt of recorded Grey's I would've flipped the hell out.