Come visit me!

Today I'm guest posting (my first time EVER!!!) over at Jennie's blog, She Likes Purple. You've read her before, right? If you haven't, please make your way over there and stay for a bit.


Also, can we talk about the weather? It's sad that a frigging hurricane had to occur to make it possible to walk outside without melting my face off. I kind of feel guilty that I'm happy about this. Not happy about the hurricane, of course, just happy that it finally cooled off.

I have fall jackets hanging in my closet practically begging me to wear them and I open the closet door everyday and console my articles of clothing that I haven't worn since July. Because if you remember, I went to San Francisco in July and it apparently thought it was November or something. So my fall jackets sit and wait for me and I keep thinking OK, it's one more day closer to cooler weather. And then I remember it's only September and we have a good solid 2 months of this hot-ass-melt-your-face-off weather still. And then I fall on the floor into fetal position and cry.

And how was your weekend?

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