Aren't they pretty? I got these jewelry displays on Etsy. The one the left is an earring tree and on the right is a necklace tree. These pieces represent maybe 10% of my jewelry collection, but I wanted a pretty way to display some of my more colorful, interesting pieces. Among the pretties are cheap Target earrings, Forever 21 necklaces and some of my Great Grandma's baubles.

Have I mentioned how much I love Etsy?

Speaking of Etsy....how do you pronounce it? Does it sound Betsy without the 'B' or like Eat with and 's' and a 'y'?


Anonymous said...

So fun!

totally EATS-E

Elena said...

Those are gorgeous! My entire jewelry collection would take up one little corner of one of those. Plus, my cats would steal anything I tried to display on it instantly. Damn kittens!

Diane said...

God Kristie, I'm envious. That is REALLY pretty, but alas, I wouldn't have enough of even the cheap stuff to make it look half as awesome. :)

I've been saying "Eats-E" myself, but wasn't entirely sure.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I might be stealing your necklaces.....I LOVE NECKLACES!!!
I say Eats-e. Tomato, Tomahto. whatever. :)

Crazy Mama said...

(b)etsy is how I say it. Those are gorgeous!