I shouldn't call myself a blogger.

I never make time to write anything these days. I think of TONS of stuff but I know I'm a sucky writer and don't want to litter the Internet with my drivel. BUT! Jennie tagged me and I must oblige. If only because I'm required to do so.

The rules are simple. Here are 6 things that you probably don't know about me. I swear to try and make this interesting.

1. Sometimes I turn on the classical music radio station and 'jam out', if that's even possible while listening to Beethoven and Chopin.

2. I collect shot glasses. Which is really odd because I rarely drink.

3. I hardly every cry. If I'm crying it's because I've finally reached my breaking point. It frustrates my mother to no end that I don't cry. Probably because she cries at the drop of a hat. I think for a long time she thought it meant I didn't care, but that's simply not true. When I get upset I usually clam up and shove it deep down and then it comes back up in a ball of messy tears and a runny nose. It's not pretty.

4. I'm actually a pretty good singer. I was in choir for 4 years in middle and high school but I goofed off so much that I never met my potential. Everyone who's heard me sing always makes comments about how good I sound. But I'm so painfully shy about my singing ability that I rarely sing out loud in front of people. I come from a family (on my real dad's side) of singers. An aunt is a professional singer and my real dad is an opera singer.

5. I have a teddy bear that's a whore. Her name is Vegas. I got her in Vegas a few years ago (I know, I'm so inventive with names). She often goes without panties and is generally a flusie. I have a picture of her and me the day I got her. I know you wanna see.
I know, I was tan! and skinnier! Vegas doesn't look like a whore there, but trust me, she's all sorts of loose.

6. I have a mild form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I was actually taking medication for it recently. I know this sounds odd and I'm a total freak, but I count and alphabetize. I count by 2's all the time in my head. Often times you can see my hands and see that I'm counting using my fingers. I also put words in alphabetical order. If I see a 'Yield' road sign, I put the letters in alphabetical order. Deily. <--That's yield. I know, I'm a freak of nature. This is a BIG thing to announce on the Internet, considering only 2 people in my life know about it. Talk about going out with a bang!

I won't tag anyone to fill this out, but please do so if you feel so inclined.


Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll bite. It will be pretty darn easy to wow you with 6 things, since I am new to blogging life.

1. I wanted to be an interior decorator when I was younger.
2. I've been fired from a job, and later found out that it was actually a lay off, they just wanted to get out of paying severance, etc.
3. I enjoy watching Nickelodeon with my Noodle, to the point that I have watched it when she was not in the room.
4. I have to have a blanket on my legs when I watch TV, no matter what the temperature is.
5. I hate to return voice mail messages.
This is the big one ...
6. This summer I am going to tell my daughter about her birth father.

kristabella said...

Wow, I wish I didn't cry as much as I do. Like when I'm in front of my boss, or on a particularly moving episode of ER. I'm a big, weeping mess.

Anonymous said...

Did you feel any improvements taking the medication? That is so interesting to me!

bethany actually said...

I think that's really interesting, about putting letters in a word in alphabetical order. I agree with the previous commenter on being curious if the meds helped at all. Did they?

Le Petit Chic said...

I'm a counter too, but it's usually 8 for me. It's strangely calming, no?