It's like a huge light bulb just went off in my head.

I check out Apartment Therapy every few days or so. I love seeing what people do with their homes and getting tips and information. Since I've been home all week with the crud, I've had some more time to peruse the vast Internet.

As I was going through the above website I came across a set of Flickr pictures and this person had posted pictures of her before and after living room. She had just completed something called a 'Cure'. After some quick research it seems that a 'Cure' is an 8 week long venture into investing into your home. Here's what it actually says:

The goal? To invest in our own homes through either elbow grease, money or both and make our own homes beautiful, healthy and organized.

What a concept!!! I swear, this 'Cure' thing has opened my eyes up. I've seen a bunch of photos on Flickr of before and after shots and WOWZA! it amazes me what people can do in 8 weeks. But ya know what, I bet I can do the same thing.

Remember that piece of furniture I found? I'm starting there with my entryway hallway. It's boring and plain and I hate it. It needs color and pizzaz and a function. On Saturday I plan to go look at some Mid Century Modern furniture and I hope to find something for the entryway. It might be the piece of furniture on Craigslist, or it might be something else. But I must LOVE it, otherwise I'll pass.

That's my big problem. I have too much crap. If I liked something I would buy it and then I'd get bored with it. I need to find things I truly love and can't live without. Things that will make me happy to come home.

It sounds so odd but I really feel like a light bulb went off and I finally get HOW to do a home improvement project. It only took me almost 3 years of being a homeowner to figure it out. Sheesh!

Oh, and I think I finally have a furniture style that I adore. Mid Century Modern. I didn't mean to like it, I swear! I kept coming across the style and really enjoyed the way it looks. It's obviously retro but with clean lines. I think I'm in love.

Edited to add:
Turns out that during the 'Cure' you buy yourself flowers once a week, I think. I suppose that's to make you feel more alive in your home. AND! And you make a new recipe once a week, too. How awesome is that! I love this concept. Make your home a place you LOVE to be in, reward yourself with fresh flowers and a home cooked meal. I've ordered the book that talks all about this and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Then I can start talking before and after photos!

I know I sound like a crazed lunatic. I blame it on not being able to sleep beau's of the drugs. I'm totally wired and it's 1am and WAAAY past my bedtime.


moo said...

We buy flowers once a week for our apartment and honestly? It is the best three dollars I spend each week. It freshens up the whole place, smells nice, and we get SO MANY compliments!

Raven said...

I can't wait to see what you do, you know how I love decorating stuffs.

The one thing I struggle with buying and loving is curtains. I seriously rarely ever love a set of curtains and I don't like the ones in the living room anymore. I think I need to put them in the office instead.

SLynnRo said...

I have a hard time focusing on spending on my apartment. I am still stuck in the college mindset of home being temporary.