I may give her Mother of the Year award.

So I was driving down a residential street over the weekend minding my own business. I was on my way to pick up a friend for a dinner out with the girls. It was about 6:30 pm and the weather was nice so there were a few kids outside playing and adults doing adult grown up things (that they probably secretly hate doing, like yard work and washing the car). I was being mindful of my speed on this residential road because I have kids and I know I want to beat down the people that think it's ok to go 40 miles an hour while they turn the corner by my house.

So I was ambling along going EXACTLY 24MPH. I checked. The only reason I checked was because some lady was sitting on at the end of her driveway in a lawn chair watching her (probably between the ages of 8 and 9) kids play. I saw the kids, I saw her and then I saw her mouth to me to slow down and proceed to flip me off. IN FRONT OF HER KIDS.

I stopped the car, looked behind me and proceeded to back up. I rolled the window down and told her that the speed limit was 30 on her street and I was only going 24. Then I told her that it wasn't necessary to flip me off. Without hesitation she yelled "FUCK YOU BITCH!" and flipped me off again. I must repeat this part...IN FRONT OF HER KIDS. I hesitated for a moment before I started to drive off and told her it wasn't very mature to flip me off, cuss me out and act so immature IN FRONT OF HER KIDS.

I was flabbergasted. Does she not see the irony? She wants me to protect her kids by slowing down (when I wasn't even speeding in the first place) yet she's teaching her kids that verbally abusing a total stranger is ok.

I don't speed on residential roads, I just don't. And I'm shocked that some lady I don't even know would be so abusive to a total stranger in front of her children. I just know those kids are going to grown up thinking that it's ok to treat people like dirt.

It's one thing to have the momma bear claws out to protect your wee little ones. It's a totally different story to behave in such a manner that will your kids will remember for the rest of the their lives.


In other news...it's almost summer vacation for Derick. Which means he'll be gone all summer at his dad's house. I'm sad. :(


Raven said...

*sigh* every day I am more and more convinced that people suck ass.

I'm sorry honey!

I'm also sorry about the summer. I hate july for the same reason...but on the bright side maybe you will miss out on the delightful teenager hormones. ;-)

She Likes Purple said...

That shocks me. What a horrible influence.

Kristabella said...

Wow. Just wow. It's sad that those kinds of people can procreate and there are so many loving, nice people who can't have children.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? That lady is a nutcase.
I'm sorry the summer will be sad for you...will you not get to see him at all???

Crazy Mama said...

What a lovely lady :rolls eyes: I yell at people to slow down and yes I've even threatened to beat one of the guys down the street with a ball bat if he didn't slow down, one day after he came feet away from hitting one of my kids but I wouldn't flip someone off or yell obscenities at a stranger. How rude!