It's the little things

Home improvement project #4,964,154. Get mops and brooms off the floor. DONE!

This looks like an easy task to accomplish, but it took me almost an hour. Why? Because I had no clue how to get an anchor in the wall. I'm sure that's a simple home maintenance/repair piece of information, but I honestly couldn't figure out how I was going to use a screwdriver to get a plastic anchor in the wall. Then the light bulb (compact fluorescent, of course) went off and I realized why I own, but have never used, a set of drill bits. Out came the cordless drill, the drill bits and viola! done!

This looks so much more put together than how it was. All these things were propped up against the dryer and every time I wanted to clean the floors I had to either clean around this stuff or move it entirely. Being that I'm lazy to the 2nd power, I usually cleaned around these. Not longer! Now they are off the floor and hidden behind the pantry door.

I am SO patting myself on the back right now.


Anonymous said...

I totally need to get one of those. I've lived in my house 8 months, and the stuff is still on the floor in my laundry room!

EmilyPie said...

I need something like that too! ... for the record, i wouldn't know how to get an anchor into the wall either...

kristabella said...

Good for you! It's hard to do the anchor into the wall!

I just hide mine next to the fridge.