Friday musings

Observations and stuff I think is important:
  • Always bring the shoes you are going to wear when you get your pants tailored. If you don't you might end up with high waters. Or a flood.
  • Ed Hardy stuff is just fugly. Unless you use it be purposely flashy.
  • Making a decision on bedding is seemingly impossible. Hiring a decorator is looking mighty tempting.
  • Teaching a dog to stop sleeping on your feet and on a dog bed on the floor is almost impossible.
  • It's still possible to have a disaster zone of a house even with only a grown up and a toddler living there.
  • Amazon.com should pay royalties for those people who order from them the most.
  • iPhone love is still there and still hanging on strong.
  • Mailing care packages across the country to your 13-year-old is so fun. Especially when you pack freshly baked cookies and a new pair of shoes.
  • It's possible to be addicted to pretty underthings and need to throw away some of them because the drawer is filled to capacity.
  • You've reached new heights when you watch the very last DVR'd show and feel the world closing in on you because you have to watch live TV.


Kristabella said...

I don't know what this tailor is that you talk about. I've never had to have pants hemmed in the last 15 years.

It's why I wear so many flats.

Melissa said...

I can't imagine having to PAY to make pants shorter. Although I did recently find out that Old Navy's tall jeans are SUPER long and glorious. With 4" heels on there are no ankles showing when I sit! I LOVE them!

Raven said...

Buy the fabric by the yard, make a headboard out of it and mix and match bedding with the set you already have. VIOLA. Done.

MommaMo said...

End of DVR? Live tv? I don't understand these concepts either. Oh, what would we ever do without DVR? Watch commercials. Yeah right. At least we can pause it and make some food, go the bathroom, and check the mail - then come back to glorious commercial free tv.

TUWABVB said...

Your care packages sounds great. How do I get on the mailing list?

Sarah said...

For some reason this list made me smile...so yay! Happy Weekend hon!