Getting it off my chest and then putting it right back where it was

I stress about posting blogs which makes it no fun for me. I stress that I don't write well enough. I worry that the few readers I do have will roll their eyes when they read what I write. I cringe when I see I only have 2 comments on a blog post when I've spent a long time writing something. I know I don't write that great, not enough to have hundreds of followers and it gets to me. Sure, my Mom and Grandma tell me I write well, but they are required to tell me those things, right?

No more. I'm tired of stressing about perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation. It's not that important to me in the grand scheme of things. Why would it be? It's just a waste of my time to worry about things I have so very little control over. I have no intention of making a career of writing so why on earth does it matter?

Hi, my name is Kristie and I don't write that well and I talk about things that, for the most part, don't matter to others, but that matter to me. There. I said it.

On to bigger and better things.

Since last Wednesday I have been eating mostly raw foods. The #1 reason I choose to do this was because I ate so unhealthily while I was gone for a week. I was away from home and it threw my off balance and basically I survived on junk food. But I was hoping that as an added bonus I would lose a pound or two.

Oh hell no, is what my body said to losing a few pounds. I actually gained almost 3 pounds. EATING FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. What the hell. Granted I ate some nuts and raisins and avocados and drank some fruit juice but it's not like I ate 7 avocados loaded with 3 cups of nuts and washed it down with a gallon of fruit juice. I am so confused. Why is my body being so hateful to me?

On the plus side I do feel lighter and less chemically laden from all the junk I had eaten. I enjoy salads even more and I found some really good recipes for raw foods that I plan on using again and again. I've found the love for green smoothies that I never thought I'd find. Who knew that adding greens to a smoothie could taste so good and be so healthy.

I'm curious to know if any of you have done any raw food cleanses or if you have a raw food recipe you'd like to share. Or maybe you just want to tell me that salads are the devil. Whatever you want, I'm not picky.


Raven said...

I can't believe that you would gain on a raw diet! I thought that would be akin to one of those macrobiotic things the celebrities are all doing.

How funny! (not haha but odd)

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm with you! I get so jealous of those people who have a ton of reader and subscribers to their blog and always gets lots of awesome comments. But why stress about stuff like that?

I read your blog every time you post, and I love what - and how - you write. I don't always comment because I feel a little stalkerish, but I you can rest assure I enjoy what I read!

She Likes Purple said...

Weight loss is crazy like that, I know. Mike did an actual no-food cleanse and he didn't lose weight right away. It kind of messes up what's going on inside you for a little bit. But then things jump into gear and you lose five pounds in a week.

DoodleBunz/DB Impressions said...

I get jealous too. But you're my hero...will you post a green smoothie recipe?? I'd like to try one...see if there's any possible chance I could pull of a cleanse.

Love ya doll!

La Petite Chic said...

Oh hon, I enjoy reading what you have to say because it is down-to-earth and so unpretentious. Those bloggers who are way too concerned with grammar and punctuation and all that kind of turn me off anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie...I read your blog every day and sometimes check a few times hoping you have posted one! They are entertaining, I just dont post comments because I'm not logged on this site...I've tried but I just get confused. I even wanted to start a blog and couldn't figure out the stupid thing. On the diet...are you using low fat dressings? Other than portion size, I don't know what else to suggest. It sounds like you are doing a great job.


lilfootsmommy said...

YOU GO KRISITE!!! You are awesome, so don't worry that no one comments, I never do. Well, almost never...heehee! You shouldn't worry what others think, you don't blog for others, you blog for yourself and that's what really matters!

Sarah said...

Your will power AMAZES me!

Melissa said...

Okay chickadee here's what you don't know about cleanses. They lower your metabolism. It's been said that cayenne pepper helps increase your metabolism so try adding that to your green smoothies.
Also, are you keeping track of the amount of calories your eating? It's really easy to miss counting and not at all uncommon to be taking in more than your body needs. Especially with nuts, and avacados. (and those are really great during a fast to get essential fats and proteins just count those calories)
Another thing to remember when you come off the fast is to slowly reintroduce cooked food back into your system. You will require less food and get fuller faster so be careful! I would recommend to add one new thing every few days to give your body time to adjust!

Melissa said...

P.S I should have read your twitter first to see about the calorie thing! Ha!

theneatos said...

I'm a constant follower, and crappy commenter. I want to be better at leaving comments, because I would love to have more comments on my blog as well ... in all honestly, I sneak peek blogs from work, and can't always take the time to leave witty replies.

I am impressed and inspired by your dedication to healthy eating. Although, I am not vegan, your dedication reminds me that I can eat well, and eat local.

I have never de-toxed or eaten raw foods. I am alarmed that you gained weight though. With all that ruffage and fiber, you should be dropping like crazy.

Danielle-lee said...

I think you are a wonderful writer! And who cares if we all aren't totally into each and every one of the posts we read....it helps us grow as writers AND as friends. No worries, love.
I love salads!! They are sooo not the devil.
My only thought is that fruit has natural sugar, and too much of that can actually make you gain weight like eating damn cupcakes. Soooo, there's that.