First, thanks to all of you who commented to win a $25 gift card of your choice to Target, iTunes, Barnes & Noble or Ebay. My official way of selecting you was to Instant Message a friend and ask her to pick a number between 1 and 21. She was totally bummed that she didn't pick her own number but I'm excited to reveal the winner, Mrs. R!! She just recently moved across the country and I think this will help her cheer up a little. Spending a few dollars is always a great little pick-me-up. I just need to know which gift card you'd like and where to mail it to. My e-mail address is sunflower99 [at] swbell dot com. Congrats!

Also, I have a story about another winner. Me.

My family went on a week long cruise several years ago when Derick was younger. He was just old enough that I let him explore around the ship alone if I knew where he'd be. If you've never been a cruise I'll tell you that they are constantly giving away things and having presentations and the like.

One day Derick attended a jewelry presentation (out of boredom maybe?) and he entered to win a diamond ring. My mom happened to be there and she knew he had entered. After sitting with my mom for a while I suppose the droning on about clarity and cut got the best of Derick and he headed to the pool. Shortly thereafter they drew names for the diamond ring and Derick actually won. But of course he had to be present and he was busy gallivanting and soaking up the sun as kids do.

He told me later, after he found out that he'd been called on, that he was going to give me the ring if he won it. And even though I was a loser of the diamond ring I was totally a winner that day.


TUWABVB said...

That's such a sweet story - and you're right. Who needs the actual ring when you had a such kindness from you son! That's a stupid rule though! I mean, aren't you technically present if you're on the damn ship?

Kristabella said...

What a cute story! How funny that he won!

Sarah said...

That is so sweet that he wanted the ring for you! Now that's a boy that loves his momma

M said...

Derick gets a gold star... make that five. What a beautiful boy you have! Ditto to TUWABVB... if you're on the ship and you can't leave (or risk the sharks or the death) then you should win. ;)


Ms. R said...

Woohoo! That totally brightens my day! I just need to decide now - more music or books? I'll shoot you an e-mail. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Yay to Mrs.R!
Awww, how sweet is your boy??