Who needs a matching tree? Not me.

A lot of people decorate their Christmas trees in themes. Red/green themes, Charlie Brown themes, pink/black themes, candy cane themes, etc... I think it's such a cute idea but I could never do it with my Christmas tree. My tree is a cornucopia of mismatched ornaments that span over 30 years. None of them go together and some are missing pieces. There are ornaments I can't remember where they came from and others I have vivid memories of their origins. I have a few favorite ornaments that make me smile every time I unwrap them from their protective encasing every Christmas. It feels like the holiday season when I see these.

It's a bit fuzzy, I know. Ignore my lack of photography skillz. They are obviously lacking. I love how Derick has his hands shoved into his armpits.

Ah Strawberry Shortcake! Maybe my mom can shed some light on this ornament. It's obviously handmade and not a mass produced ornament. I just love her. I used to have all sorts of Strawberry Shortcake things when I was a kid. I specifically remember having a stuffed doll that smelled like strawberries. I'm sure I was inhaling some toxic chemical that has hampered my logical thinking in my later years, but boy did I love that doll.

One of my new favorites. I just adore personalized ornaments and I was thrilled when I got this one that commemorates Jackson's birthday. The resemblance is there, too. He's a little chubby kid like this snowman.

This ornament is so delicate and lovely. Derick's first Christmas was celebrated in 1995 and to mark that occasion my mom got him this gorgeous Wedgwood ornament. It's decorated on both sides and it's just so lovely. I look forward to Derick inheriting this to hang on his tree someday.

It's tough to see but the date on this ornament says "1977". This is my very first ornament. It's seen some wear over the years but it's held up quite nicely. I love this ornament so much.

My oriental Santa. I don't know why, but his eyes remind me of oriental eyes. I just love this Santa. This dates from the mid 80's.

I remember, amazingly, when I got this ornament. I was a teenager and it was one of my last Christmas' that I didn't have to drive to my parent's house. My mom gave this to me as my first ornament to keep and take with me someday. Why McDonald's french fries, I don't know. But I think it's cute.

Derick on a role of toilet paper! It's seen some tough times but this is an cardboard tube with batting and glitter over the top. His hands were traced and glued to the sides and he has a shiny pipe cleaner over the picture of his head to make an angel. Love!

Another Wedgwood ornament. It has no particular significance other than I think it's precious.

Who doesn't love a disco ball for an ornament?

It's not an ornament but I treasure these. Santa's boots that my mom made. On the bottom of one of the boots it says "LR 68". My mom's initials from 1968. When I grabbed these from the box a few weeks ago, I handed them to Derick and told him to pretend that these were the holy grail and be extra SUPER careful with them. (My Christmas card stack is in the background.)

Who needs a fancy stocking? Not when I have my old felt one from when I was a kid.

And finally, one of my Christmas cards (made by my sweet friend Abbie). Happy holidays everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or nothing at all. May your season be bright and full of love.


Sarah said...

I have that exact same 1977 ornament! Now you make me want to go grab my box of ornaments out of the attic and photograph my favorite ones.

Maybe I'll buy mini-tree and do that. Hmm....

Maggie said...

I should go through and photograph my favorite ornaments!!!!!

I have a couple from my childhood on the tree. I LOVE THEM! I am the same with our tree... eclectic is best. I've gotten to where I write on the back or bottom of an ornament, if it's not personalized, so I don't forget who gave it to us.

This year my Mom gave me some that were on my MeMa's tree. Sitting here thinking about them almost makes me cry. Oh, Christmas at MeMa and PaPa's house was always such a happy time.

Merry Christmas to you, sweetheart!

jodifur said...

I'm jewish, but people have matching trees? That just seems so not fun to me.

Jess said...

I have that disco ball ornament too! It's exactly the same except mine is purple. Torsten hates it but it still goes on the tree.

Kristabella said...

HOLY CRAP! I have 2 of those 1977 ornaments too! Well, my mom does! HOW FUNNY!

My tree (when I put it up, which I didn't this year) is kind of a mish mash. Most of my ornaments are the colored glass balls from Target that were like a dollar a box. I actually had people at an old job donate ornaments to me. Because most people probably have too many and they felt sorry for my matchy-matchy, sterile tree.

Elizabeth said...

The sentimental ornaments are the best ones! My dad still has all my "first" ornaments and it makes me bitter :(

TUWABVB said...

You are such a good Christmas mom! I totally dropped the ball this year, but I will make up for it next year. I love your ornaments!

La Petite Chic said...

We put up a hodge podge of ornaments too and I wouldn't have it any other way! Also, I have a very similar 1981 Baby's First Christmas ornament! So funny :)

Abbie said...

OMG I have that exact same 1977 ornament!!! We're so cool!

Crazy Mama said...

I have a hodge podge tree. Themed trees irritate me. I love the stories behind all the ornaments. The love that is behind it all. It makes it more special every year to unwrap them and put them on the tree.