These go to eleven*

My son, Jackson, is very loud. REALLY LOUD. So loud that the caps lock doesn't do him justice. He's found his vocal cords and is intent on breaking them in, mostly when we are at the grocery store or praying before Thanksgiving dinner.

I almost abandoned my grocery cart the other day because he was yelling "RAPES, RAPES!!" as loud as he could. You see, he hasn't gotten down the 'g' sound so grapes turn into rapes and it's all quite embarrassing. Even more so because people within 1,000 feet can clearly hear his every word.

Sure, the people smile and chuckle and give me a knowing look as if to say, "I'm a mom (or dad), I remember. No need to blush". Even so, my face turns a lovely shade of horrified and I pick up the pace a little faster to hurry and get back into the comfort of the car so then at least the talking loudly will be contained somewhat.

Honestly I never really paid much attention to my youngest offspring's exceptionally exceptional lung capacity until a friend pointed it out. I just chalked it up to being a toddler quickly approaching the terrible two's. And now I can't help but notice. Every time I would try and figure out where he got to be so loud I just couldn't think of anything that made any sense. Until I really stopped be ridiculous and knew exactly where he got his pipes from.

My family, well, we are a loud bunch of people. My immediate family is very small but if you could only hear us and not see us you'd think we had 100 people all crammed into a room. We talk loud, we talk over each other, we argue about stupid things, there's always someone farting or burping and always someone (my mother) being horrified (loudly of course) at every get together.

When I was younger I would turn that same shade of horrified when I went out with my family because lordy, do they have to be so loud? Does someone always have to laugh full on belly laughs at a joke and call attention to us? Really, did I have to endure another loud evening? I received a few knowing glaces from other teenagers and younger people in those days. They must have felt my pain. I can only assume that my children will someday be embarrassed at the level of loudness we have.

I have a loud family and a loud kid and now that I'm old enough to get over myself I realize that I, too, am loud. I talk to much and too fast and about things that don't make any sense. I laugh when someone farts at the dinner table and I start the stupid arguments and I think I've even yelled in the grocery store to my oldest son. I often have full on belly laughs complete with throwing my head back and laughing louder than your average human being. And boy do I love it. I wouldn't trade my loud kid or family for the most demure, quite, respectful family on the planet. Bring on the loud, I say.


*Gold star if you know where this quote came from.


Raven said...

Spinal Tap: of course!

My little brother called trucks frucks at Jackson's age...but the r wasn't always audible. Haha!

Melissa said...

LMAO! And the cycle continues.

Drew is REALLY REALLY loud. About everything. My personal favorite though is my boobs. The child LOVES my boobs (total guy thing). We were at a restaurant and Kelsey was lounging on me and he said Mommy I think Kelsey loves your boobs too. I bet it's because they are so marshmellowy. I'm hoping he was thinking of pre-smored marshmellows and not the deflated cooked ones!

BTW you look SMOKIN hot in your new picture!

Jess said...

Sounds like it's time for someone to learn about inside voices!

Kristabella said...

I too am loud and come from a loud family. My niece is has one level, LOUD. She actually uses her outside voice inside and her inside voice outside.

Ms. R said...

Spinal Tap!!!!!

p.s. I have a horrifically loud voice too

Debi said...

Considering I made the comment yesterday, I know where the eleven comes from, and Jackson is definitely that. It's so much more impressive when he yells "More crack" at the top of his lungs from the high chair though. I am so glad you teach him such great habits. My days would be boring without him.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, my family is superloud too! And I used to be embarrassed when I was younger, but I'm loud too. And honestly, I am a bit embarrassed when my dad gets loud sometimes, but it's just us! Ya know?
The cycle continues!! LOL
PS. We all act horrified as others fart and burp in my family too, but we alllll do it! eh.