After the candy high went away

We had a great Halloween. Saw some cute kids, told a guys dressed as Darth Vader that he was NOT Jackson's father and ate my weight in Twizzlers. Still sort of in a sugar coma, so pictures will have to replace normal sentences and strung together thoughts.

He's got a tail, people. It was my sole criteria for his costume. Oh, and the ears, too. Pay no attention to the weeds behind him.

See my yard? See how it needs to be edged? My HOA is probably mad at me for being the only house that doesn't have a perfect yard.

Derick wore an old mask that belongs to my dad. Every time Jackson sees it he smiles and says "Silly Garrett" because he can't say Derick yet. Also because I didn't want him to be scared so we laugh at Derick when he wears the mask. Eric is an (aging) hippie. If you know Eric, then you know why this fits him perfectly and made me roll my eyes.

He has some hairy feet and needs his nails trimmed. Also, his stroller is on it's side so I can replace the wheels.

What does any sane person do when their stroller is on it's side? Bite the tires, of course.

Derick had a friend spend the night and this is the aftermath. Apparently people give away sodas in large quantities which I find odd. It's also important to note that they didn't sleep at all last night. Also, it's more important to note that I had no idea they had the entire candy bucket in the room with them. I'm waiting for them to crash hard.


MommaMo said...

It's great to know that everyone had fun. Oh, the days of sugar highs.

jodifur said...

so cute!

Maggie said...

WHAT A CUTE MONK-NEY! (as my friend's son referred to himself when he was one a couple of years ago!)

Great work laughing at the mask... perfect for J and in all honesty, it is a little funny.

I'm glad you had a blast, hon! Send some of those nommy twizzlers my way!


Sarah said...

awww so dang adorable. And people give out sodas now? I find that strange

Anonymous said...

I love jackson's costume! And chewing on the tire is hilarious!

Eric? A hippie?? NOOOOOO. You MUST be lying. :)