Finally, I found love.

Remember my very recent post about my stove? How someone (Eric) left a plastic bowl on the coil and it melted? Well, I didn't get much into the disdain I have for my stove. It is not fancy by any means, it doesn't even have an oven light for goodness sake! I won't even talk about how it lacks a timer or clock or even self cleaning capabilities. It's literally the cheapest model my home builder could find short of picking one up on the side of the road.
After I posted that blog my mother read it. This is nothing new, she reads my blog often (Hi Momma!) but the thing that makes this time special is that she was in the middle of the ocean on a large cruise ship, surfing the Internet and read my blog. How sweet, right? Well, it turns out that there was a Home Depot gift card sitting at my parent's house because they had returned some of the left over flooring from when I did my massive home improvements. Because my Momma read my blog she sent me a text when she got on dry land and told me to go get a new stove. Sweet Jesus, I literally thought I was going to jump out of my skin.

So, dear readers, I am here to sing the praises of my lovely stove and how if I could, I'd marry it. But I'm sure that's illegal because some people think they need to be in the bedrooms of others unnecessarily.

Excuse the fingerprints smack dab in the middle of the back of the newest addition to my household. I was too excited to notice them until now. These prints belong to the gentleman who installed (read: plugged in) my range. This is the same gentleman who saw me in my pj's and pink fuzzy slippers.

Do you see it? FIVE places for pots! FIVE, PEOPLE!!! The middle spot in the back is a warming burner! It keeps things warm! And the front two burners can be either small or large! And I got a smooth surface cook top instead of burners! (Can I add any more exclamation points!?)

Oh, it's so shiny. Even with my horrible picture taking capabilities. This range has an oven light, self cleaning, a clock AND a timer! I've hit the mother load.

See! Warming zone!

I was extremely fortunate that my brother and sister-in-law came with me to help in the selection process and I was able to get the best deal for my price point. Also, they helped to save me 20% off the list price which makes me even happier. I cook almost every single day, often more than once a day so this new appliance is sure to make life a tad easier and Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

As for the old range, I plan in fixing the coil and donating it to Habitat For Humanity.


This is not even remotely related but do you guys watch The Biggest Loser? Did you absolutely CHEER when (evil) Vicky's husband was sent packing?


Elizabeth said...

I am counting the days until I can get a new stove. Seriously. I hate my stove with a fiery passion. Your is very pretty :)
And now I am off to search Craigslist for a magical brand new $250 stainless gas stove :)
How is bedroom renovating going?

Sarah said...

Wow, that is so nice of your mommy!I never thought the day would come where I would get excited over stuff like this but I am giddy for your new purchase!

Maggie said...

It's beautiful, honey. The idea of you donating your old stove is even more beautiful. Reminds me of donating old toys at Christmas before Santa brought us the new ones. Everyone benefits!

I don't mind my stove, but when it dies, we're going with gas. Out here, when the electricity goes out, you're effed unless you at least have a gas stove to use.


Elena said...

Aww! You have such a sweet mommy! And your stove it totally awesome, dear!

10,000 kudos on your plan to donate your old stove.

La Petite Chic said...

So this means you're hosting Thanksgiving, right? :)
Oh, and I love The Biggest Loser and I was ecstatic that Brady was sent packing last night. I have wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off of Vicki's face for weeks now. Heba too. I can't stand them! ARGHHH!!

Your Mom said...

Aww, thanks for the sweet comments. I just couldn't see my vegan daughter, who has been making such great strides on improving her health, having to do all this great cooking on a stove that had NO big workable burners! After all, if Dad hung on to the gift certificate he would probably just buy something really boring - like light bulbs and tools. However, I am jealous just a little because YOU have a warming burner! Love you!

Raven said...

Love that you are donating your old stove! That is a FAB idea!

MommaMo said...

You planning on making me and Sadie some cookies in that there new contraption? Vegan, of course. :-)

jodifur said...

how funny. I just wrote about how much I love my new dishwasher. I did not take pictures though.

Nellie said...

I'm just a lurker here (and I LOVE your blog by the way), and usually don't comment. But WOW! Sweet stove! I am so jealous. And how cool that you are donating your old stove. You so rock.

Ms. R said...


Anonymous said...

I love your stove! That's the same cooktop I had in my last house. I loved it soooo much! The warming zone came in sooo handy. Just tell Eric to keep his damn hands off of it, will ya? :)