United we stand, divided we e-mail.

Today I got an e-mail that literally made my stomach fall. It had no typed words, just an attached picture for me to download.

I see this sort of stuff all the time, especially recently and this one disturbs me more than any other e-mail "forward" I've gotten in a long time. Why? Because some are equating their new President with the horrific and desperate act of suicide.

I have a (fairly distant) relative who committed suicide not long ago and I can assure you it was not over the President. That seems obvious, right? I just can't let it go that this "headstone" was made by someone who put such little thought into what that bottom word means.

I e-mailed back the person who sent this to me and I like to think I was level headed and to the point without being accusatory or a crazy liberal, but I hope that if you get this e-mail forward and you agree that you will carefully select who you send it to.

If you get this forward and are as disgusted as I am, thank you, I don't feel so alone in my shame of some of my fellow human beings.


Today has been a trying day for some reason. Jackson has officially welcomed his Terrible Two's into our home. I have asked Terrible Two's to be a nice guest and stay out of the way but it seems that he's just here for a long stay to be an asshole. He probably won't even pick up after himself.


I need a nap.


Missah said...

OMG I totally got this email today from my PWT aunt. I just sighed and rolled my eyes. I swear how stupid!

Maggie said...

That annoys the shart out of me.

I would be sending a very unpleasant reply if I managed to get that one.

Abbie said...

That's absolutely disgusting and offensive. These emails and jokes have to stop. :(

Sarah said...

ergh emailing that is just adding to the negativity-come on people let's band together-we are one country after all!

jodifur said...

thats disgusting

Kristabella said...

So I was sitting at my new job yesterday, observing one of my new co-workers who was very nice and funny. And then I started looking in his cube and he had some really hateful Anti-Obama things hanging in his cube. Like "the only difference between Osama and Obama is BS."

Why put this kind of stuff in your cube? I'm hoping that I'm not the only one bothered by it in the office. Otherwise I'm going to be an outcast at my job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is not even remotely funny. I too have a family member that committed suicide, and I don't find that funny at all. It's sad and desperate and has marked all of us that loved him. And really? having a president that you didn't want would make you commit suicide? Well, then you really need to find something else to fill your life, don't you? sheesh.