Are you handy? Or maybe you could ask your husband?

I have a problem. It's a house problem and I honestly don't know how to fix it. I've been dealing with this for months now and I'm so embarrassed to say I've done little to remedy the issue. I thought I could figure out a way to fix it, because I try to be self sufficient as much as possible, but no amount of power tools or shop vacs will help me know.

Months ago I was cooking something on my (electric) stove top and someone (Eric) put a plastic bowl on my still warm burner and I didn't notice it until the bowl had melted over the entire coil.

I removed the coil from the stove and carried it to Home Depot and begged for assistance and they showed me where replacement coils were but apparently my cheap ass home builder left me with the shabbiest oven/stove in the history of appliances and I'd have to special order the coil for over $50.

What's really sucky about this is that it's my biggest burner so I've been cooking on the tiny, itty bitty burners for months. Why my stove only has one large burner and the others are tiny is more proof that my builder sucks and should have karma come bite them in the ass. While they are cooking on their billion dollar 8 large burner stove (covet!!).

So, ladies, can you help me? Can you tell me how to remove burned on plastic from a coil burner so I can just use it again instead of spending money on a new one? Maybe enlist your husband's to answer? Or send one of the over here? I pay in cookies.


Missah said...

you have a few options. You can take a razor blade and scrape it off...or get everyone out of the house, open all your windows and turn the burner on and let it burn off.

There's also stuff called goo you can buy to scrub it off.

She Likes Purple said...

I called Mike and he said you could try and scrub some of it off with steel wool, but it won't come off completely until it burns off (which smells awful, I know). He wanted me to add that I (me) did this at our old house, and we just bought a new coil. But I want to add I have no recollection of doing such a thing.

Maggie said...

My dad destroyed my Muppets Lunch Box when I was 5 doing the SAME THING.

The other peeps are correct, steel wool and burning it off would be the best options if you don't want to replace it.

Have you checked e-bay for the coil? I know that sounds crazy, but people sell some mad-crazy stuff there!

Good luck, honey.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the steel wool. If that doesn't work....I'll ask my hubby if he has any suggestions. :)