Can I talk about money for a second? Oh, and a makeover.

I've been tracking my spending, every red cent, for about three weeks now. I'm eleven days from adding up all the columns and falling over dead at the shock. When I decided to track what I spend, I knew I'd be surprised a little, sure, but I had no idea that I might be looking at needing CPR to bring myself back to life.
I've actually been mindful of what I've been spending and careful that I don't go crazy. Hell, I bought the $1.39 container of cooking spray as opposed to the fancy $3.79 container. That counts right? But I think I may have screwed myself this month with eating out which I rarely do. Eating out for me is a treat, it just doesn't happen often. But since I've been on vacation for the last few weeks I've been splurging and eating the yummiest Thai foods and Taco Bell (lots of vegan options!) and pizza.
Oh and I also decided to revamp my boring bedroom. This costs money, sadly. Of all the rooms in my house, including bathrooms, my bedroom has remained untouched since I bought it in 2005. To keep myself in check I gave myself a budget for the entire room. Holy shit people, I'm making budgets left and right! Is it possible I'm becoming a REAL adult?
After purchasing (500 thread count Egyptian Cotton) sheets last night, a bed skirt and satin pillowcases (tacky?) I'm at a grand total of $109.84 and my budget is $500. What remains on my list of things to procure are as follows:
  • Comforter. I have one picked out at Linens N Things and because that store is closing it's on sale, 20% off but I may wait it out and see if it will be discounted further. That's where I got the sheets from regularly $79.99 and I got them 20% off.
  • Pillow shams. I want lots of pillows, ones to sleep on and ones that just look pretty. I want a Martha Stewart bed. Minus the Martha Stewart.
  • Rug. Since I replaced the floor from carpet to wood I'd like an area rug around the bed to warm up the space some. I found one I liked at Target that's on sale through Saturday, but I think I'll hold off because it may not be the perfect rug.
  • Paint. OK, I know this sounds so tacky but I want to paint the headboard wall gold. I'm sure I can buy gold colored paint. Trust me, in my head it's fabulous.
  • Chair. My bedroom is quite large and I have room for a seating area. I want something comfy, medium sized and not expensive. Damn the budget.
  • Small lamp. This is a maybe. I think a small table, lamp and the above chair would make a nice sitting area. But I'm still on the fence about it.
  • Art. Even though I have art on the walls in my bedroom now, they are too small for the space and need to be moved. Plus, they won't fit in with my color scheme.
  • Curtains. Curtains are my nemesis. I want drama but I know with drama comes a big price tag. And usually I hang curtains and hate them.
  • Throw blanket. Momma gets cold at night in the winter and I'd love to have a coordinating blanket as opposed to the army green blanket I have now.

That's a lot for a budget of $500 isn't it? I'm already sweating! I'm up for thrifty ideas if you care to share.

Also, here are some pictures of what I have and what I'm thinking about getting. I'm always leery of sharing my design ideas because what if someone looks at it and thinks it's a sucky idea? I feel the same way about cooking for people, I don't want to be judged. (So much for the grown up feeling.)

The color scheme is a glacier blue, gold, browns and white.

This is the comforter and pillow cases I have my eye one. In person it's a pretty slightly shiny glacier blue. I love the alternating monochromatic stripes in different sheen's. To me, it looks rich. And the comforter is plush and not at all flimsy. I don't want all the bedding to be this color. I want accent pillows in brown and gold and white. The bed skirt will be a crisp white. God, I know it sounds awful doesn't it? But in my head it sounds lovely.

Here are the gold satin pillowcases I got. I think the color combination will be lovely with the whites and browns.

See the top sheet? In white? That's what I got yesterday. The 4Th sheet from the top is the same color as the comforter.

And lastly, here's the rug I'm eyeing. It's way out of proportion, but you can see the idea. It has the shades of the blue and brown. I'm not normally a floral fan but this rug coordinates so well and I actually like the graphic pattern of the mums.
So far I've not even thought much about curtains. But if I paint the back headboard wall a gold color and keep the other walls white I'll probably get gold colored curtains or maybe white. See, I suck at curtains. So, what do you think? Lame? Perfect? I think I have enough colors to make it interesting if done right, but not so many colors that it won't be a restful place.

ETA: Sarah asked to see pictures of my bedroom. So I grabbed my camera, attempted to straighten the bed somewhat so it didn't look like someone was sleeping in the bed and took a few pictures. I'd like to point out that I'm a single mother to a toddler and a teenager and therefore my bedroom is my dumping ground for all things with no home. Feel free to feel bad for me instead of judge me.

Upon entering my bedroom:

That pile you see? I told Derick that I was confiscating all his clothes that he leaves on the floor and I now have a pile as tall at the dresser.
And a random roller skate. I have a todder, remember?


Also, thanks for the suggestions for my stupid coil on my stove. I have yet to attempt to fix it, but I will soon. But the only reason I'm fixing it now is because I want to sell it for a few bucks. That's right, I got a new stove!!!!!!!! I'm positively giddy! Pictures to follow soon because I know you want to see my new range.


Sarah said...

I like the ideas you have for your bedroom. Can you post pics of your room so we can get an idea for sizing, windows, etc? I've been on major house redesign too, so I want to think of some options for you.

Also - I believe Home Depot is having a huge area rug sale right now. Do you have one near you you could check out? Or an Ikea?

Sarah said...

oh my gosh how relaxing your room is going to be when it is done. I want to come over for a sleepover! ahha
Please post before and after pics!

Elizabeth said...

I really like everything else you've done in your room, so I trust you on the gold wall :)

Here are my budget tips:
1. comforter - I bought a $50 down one at IKEA and I love it. I would also look for a chair and table there - maybe paint the light colored version of this dark brown?. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S59850956
2. I am also in the market for a bedroom rug and I think I'm going to buy a shag on Ebay - no idea of the quality, but I can't argue with $30, especially since it's just in my bedroom.
3. I like Etsy or this place for prints:
4. Make the curtains! Do you have a sewing machine? Curtains are so easy. I also really like these curtains http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/70112018, and these curtains http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10112016

and these


I always buy my lamps at TJ Maxx, they have some really good deals and I always find ones I love.

I do like that Target rug A LOT so maybe you should go ahead and get that one.

I am not a pillow sham girl :) but I have found good deals on Pottery Barn duvet covers on Ebay, you could try there.

I am still looking for a throw blanket myself. Sometimes they have really good deals at the Crate and Barrel outlet (online) or the Company Store. It depends on if you want a coverlet or just a fluffy throw type of thing. Around now the "couch" size down blankets are a dime a dozen at places like Target.

Whew! Fun times. Now I feel like this has given me license to blog about my bedroom :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for the pics! It gives me a good idea of the space you have to work with, and you're right - you have a lot of space!!!!

I would definitely stalk Linens-N-Things for your comforter, for any wall art and for curtains. If you see the comforter that you like there now, grab it! They might discount further but by then maybe it will be gone and you'll have lost out. Also a great place to look for a throw blanket.

Like I said about the rugs before Home Depot is having a sale and Ikea also has a lot of rugs - they also have a ton of great and funky lamps, chairs and throw blankets.

I liked Elizabeth's idea of using Etsy for wall art - or how about taking some drawings made by your kids and group them together in different shaped/colored frames? or have them draw new things to match the color/theme of your bedroom. If not drawings done by them, how about pictures of them?

Instead of curtains how about getting a curtain swag/valance or scarf to dress up the window a little bit but save some money? they are usually a lot less expensive than a full set of curtains. (obviously not these for your room, but as an example http://www.lnt.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2804665&cp=2167013.2806220) Here is an example of what I have in our living room (please don't judge this is a before picture - we finally painted this weekend! and i don't have kids so no excuse for the mess, but it's there so whatever). http://flickr.com/photos/sarahmccracken/3019077157/

As for other ideas - do you have a Craigslist in your area? Often times you can find amazing deals on used furniture there. Or check out a site like http://www.freecycle.org/.Or what about yard sales? It might be getting late in the season for that. Check out a local newspaper to see if any are listed.

Good luck. Can't wait to see what you do!

Sarah said...

**sorry me again - I meant Ikea had the funky lamps, chairs and throw blankets. damn mondays for making me incoherent.

Maggie said...

Have you seen photos of my bedroom? I have the same color scheme going on and I was able (with the help of my Aunt Cindy and my Mom) to put together a LOVELY ensemble for the bed.

My chair in my room came from an Antique store. You'd be AMAZED at the things you can find at Estate Sales and Antique/Junk stores... for VERY little cost.

Our lamps came as a set of 4 from BB&B. LOVE THEM.

Oh, and our curtains are a chocolate colored linen from BB&B that have a blackout quality... because apparently we're bears and prefer hibernation to that darned shiny sun.

I'm excited to see what you do with everything. If I could come down and play room makeover with you, I soooo would!


Anonymous said...

A new comforter on the cheap? Have someone make you duvet covers (out of sheets) for your bed. You can have it close with super cool buttons that can tie the colors in together...change it with the weather if you want...and not have to buy a new comforter if you change your mind!

You have great taste and if it looks great in your head odds are it will look great in person!

Elena said...

I think your new room is going to be positively awesome!

And as far as the chair goes....if you think you'll actually USE it, go for it. If it would be more likely that it becomes a cat bed or a dumping ground for clothes, I'd probably skip it for now. But that's just me. =)

La Petite Chic said...

I love making over bedrooms because they're such personal spaces and you can do whatever you want! Jon and I have our bedroom in that same blue and brown and it's so comfy yet modern. I really love the rug. Have you looked at Marshalls and TJ Maxx for items?

Juanita said...

Im so proud of you for keeping up with your spending. I stopped 3 days into it. It was just to painful. Love the colors of the bedroom I love brown and light colors its great. Go to tjmax and marshals there are alway great buys.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, I love the color of that comforter! And the rug. I really want that rug, damn it! :)
I can't wait to see your room all done! I think it will be beautiful!!