On a lighter note; TELEVISION!

Let's talk about television. Shows I'm watching, shows I'm waiting to start again, shows I can't get enough of and crappy shows that I can't stay away from. In no particular order:

The Next Food Network Star

The season finale was just yesterday and the person I wanted to win, did! I INHALE cooking shows of all kinds. Unless they feature live animals that have to be killed (I've seen many an Iron Chef show that I had to turn off).

The Rachel Zoe Project

Technically I'm not recording it right now because it's all re-runs but the new season is scheduled to start August 24 and believe you me, I've got that date entered into my calender to remind me to record it. Also, I wish Rachel would gain 10 pounds, I think she'd look WAY better. I've got some to spare!

What Not To Wear

I've seen almost every single episode and my love for Stacy and Clinton knows no bounds. I hear they've replaced Nick Arrojo which makes me extremely sad, I would have rather they replaced Carmindy. Not that I don't like Carmindy, I just, well, I'm ready for a new face of makeup.

Pushing Daisies

I love this show and can't wait to watch it this season. Oh wait, what's that you say? Bastards CANCELLED it?! I will never EVER get over this.

Ace of Cakes

I love Duff, what can I say? His laugh is infectious and MaryAlice is the bomb.

Real Housewives (especially NY)

I love a bit of drama that isn't mine and I just want to see what these rich people live like. I don't know why I've never watched the GA girls, probably because I saw a preview of some ridiculous fight and knew it was a bit too much drama for me. I follow Bethenny on twitter, I love her!

Get Fresh with Sara Snow

This is a cool chick. She has a whole show to eating well and treating the planet well and just being good to yourself and others. I stumbled across her show one day while recording various exercise shows.

Top Chef Masters

I told you I loved cooking shows. I love this one too, especially because I think it's awesome that some of these people were former judges. I'm SUPER excited about this weeks episode, they have to make an all vegan meal for Zooey Deschanel (love her!) and her friends. I only hope they don't make stupid cracks about steak and the like. I expecting an awesome show and maybe learn a thing or three along the way.

Antiques Roadshow

I've talked about my love of this show before and yes, I know it makes me totally nerdy and I'm cool with that. I hope to be on that show someday with some random object I picked up for $.50 and find out it's worth $400K. A girl can dream, right?

Whale Wars

These guys and gals are a bit crazy, but I commend them for sticking up for those who can't defend themselves. I wish they defended more animals like chickens and cows and other innocent animals. But then they wouldn't be in a cool, rickety boat, so there's that. Another thing I love about them? They eat only vegan meals on board. That makes my heart happy.

The Millionaire Matchmaker

I watch A LOT of Bravo shows it seems. I love Patti's no nonsense attitude. Although I do often wonder why she's not married to her long time boyfriend. I find that strange for someone who's job is to marry people off. P.S. I'm available!!

Project Runway

I cannot wait any long for this show to come back. Heidi and Tim are just my favorite. I'm more into the story lines than the fashion, but I do love drooling over or making fun of a designer's outfit.

Top Chef

ANOTHER cooking show, ANOTHER Bravo show. My cousin knows one of the contestants so that makes me more in the know, right? I only hope they don't have a meat butchering episode again. Vegan or not, that made me ill to watch.

Divine Design

Candice, if you read this, please come do my living room/kitchen! I don't live in Canada, but I can rent a snow machine and get some hockey players to come over and make you feel at home.

Ghost Whisperer

Oh JLH, you are totally cute and I want to be your BFF. Also, I've always thought you looked great, don't let those haters get you down.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

I knew I'd hate this show when I watched it but it turns out that I LOVE it. Tori is so not like I expected. Call me what you will but I love this show.

Denise Richards: It's Complicated

Stars; they're just like us. Minus the permanent tan, the gorgeous hair and the gobs of money. Thank goodness I like Denise, she's just adorable.


I know I'm missing some shows, I'm sure of it. Tell me what you are excited to watch or are watching now? What should I add to my DVR?


She Likes Purple said...

Reading all your comments, I'm not sure how you can even go to lunch with me when I order meat! I hate to think I've made you feel ill when we're just hanging out :(

TUWABVB said...

I can't really suggest anything because you watching everything I do and more! OH wait - Drop Dead Diva (on Lifetime?) is good.

By the way, I have LOVED every single design that Candice Olson does. Like obsessive, takes my breath away, love. I even bought her design book, but sigh - have yet to crack it open.

La Petite Chic said...

Speaking of Ace of Cakes, my cousin is throwing his fiancé a birthday party this weekend and the cake is being made none other than Ace of Cakes! See, there is a perk to living in Baltimore! :)

Sarah said...

I loved pushing daisies toooo! It was like watching a story book. I just got the dvd's of the last season and am going to be so sad when i am done with it because then it will be done for good :(

Melissa said...

Holy crap batman that's a lot of TV. How do you even have time. I think I have 3 shows that I watch and I just can't keep up

And I LOVE Ghost Whisperer! But not spelling apparently!

MommaMo said...

My faves include: House, Law and Order (any variety), Top Chef, Project Runway (until the season becomes lame, like the last one), Psych, In Plain Sight, Mental, and sadly The 4400. I wish they didn't cancel The 4400, I could watch that for hours. I also admit to watching the full four seasons of Wildfire - until it ended. Oi - why do I always like shows that end?