Vacation recap and other stuff

We're back from our vacation to St. Louis. I know, I know, I never even posted that we were going. Regardless, we're back and I'm sad that our visit was so short. Most of my close family lives in the St. Louis area. I was born not far from the gateway to the West. I have grandparents, cousins, aunt's, uncles, my biological dad, half sisters, a nephew and some other random assorted relatives in the area. You can imagine that we were SUPER busy with family activities. When I get to my grandma's house I breathe a sigh of relief because I feel like I've come to my second home.
We spent the week packing in as much as possible into our short little trip. We went to the St. Louis Zoo (it's free! and better than the Fort Worth Zoo), we floated on the Black River and I saw where my mom and biological dad jumped from rocks when they were just kids, we ate meals with family, took in downtown St. Charles (a fave spot of mine), went shopping at some local resale shops, got lost in the country, talked about family members that aren't with us anymore, laughed till we cried and generally had a grand time. It was an exhausting trip, in a good way, and I hated to board the plane to leave. I am counting the days till we go back. St. Louis and the surrounding areas are my home away from home and I highly recommend you visit. And when you do, please take me with you.
My niece, Sadie, turned the ripe old age of one while we were away and we partied like rock stars with her. She got her own little cupcake to chow down on and OH BOY did she go to town. Poor thing had icing all up her nose, I'm sure of it. You could tell she was all WHERE HAVE THESE SWEET CREATIONS BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!?! She's so close to walking and she jabbers all about her life if you let her. Jackson LOVES to crawl around on the floor with her and try to pick her up. I can't wait for her to get a substantial amount of hair so I can fancy her all up with cute bows. Happy birthday Sadie Mo Pie, we love you!

I'm joining Weight Watchers again. I did so well the last two times losing the weight, I just have to maintain it. That's the hard part. This last week I blame eating with my Italian family (hello pasta!!) and eating out waaaaaay too much. Wish me luck, again.


Derick goes back to his dad's house in 6 days. I cannot even begin to describe how much I want to put my foot down and make him stay. I'm trying to cram in as much as possible in the next 6 days without breaking the bank. We've had a lovely time and I'm not ready for it to end just yet.
Tax free weekend is this upcoming weekend. It's that time of year where I'll buy a whole new wardrobe for Derick. I expect that my paid off credit card won't know what to do with itself.
Lastly, I have the best tan I've ever had.


MommaMo said...

Very nice. Wish we could have spent more time with you up in St. Louis, but we get the opportunity to see you here too! Be prepared for more icing this weekend at Sadie's second (yes, second) birthday party for turning one. Have I started the spoiling a little too early? Haha.

Good luck with the Weight Watchers too. Let me know how that goes with being vegan.

Jess said...

The trip sounds lovely! Good luck with Weight Watchers and enjoy the next six days!