Dating tips

Dear Derick,

You are 14-years-old now and I think it's time I impart some momma wisdom for when you start dating. I hadn't thought you were old enough for such advice, and I still think of you as 10-year-old, but after you sat outside with THREE GIRLS talking last night, I figured now was a good time.

  • First and foremost, be nice to girls. It's true that nice guys sometimes finish last and the bad guys finish first. But the nice guys get the good girls and in the end that's the most important thing. Trust me.
  • Don't make crass jokes to your friends about a girl that you like. You might think you're being cool but really you're just cutting down the girl you like and that seems counter productive, don't you think?
  • Be honest. If you just aren't into a girl then, nicely, let her know. Don't waste her time and yours just to avoid hurting her. Sure, it'll hurt, but better a little hurt than a huge, gigantic one that should have been coming for weeks, months or even years.
  • Laugh with her. Laughter really is the best medicine. Don't be afraid to make stupid jokes and see goofy comedies and just have fun. Don't worry what others are thinking.
  • Really take care of your girl. I don't mean buy her loads of stuff or wait on her hand and foot, I just mean take care of her soul. Make her feel special and desired and cared for. Let her know that you really and truly are present and aware.
  • Participate in the things she's passionate about. You may not be passionate about Pampered Chef products or the newest Justin Timberlake album but you can still help cook with the new cookware and take her to see her celebrity crush in concert and smile while doing it.
  • Follow through. If you say you're going to call, then do. If you say you're going to show up at a certain time, don't be late. If you say you love her, really mean it.
  • Don't put up with crap. If your lady treats you poorly, find a new one. You deserve to be treated well and nothing less.
  • Be confidant and be yourself. You're a great person and you should be proud of who you are. Don't change for anyone except for yourself.
  • Don't settle. If she's not the girl for you, then she's not the girl for you. Don't be in a relationship that makes you unhappy when you could be single and happy. Find the girl that makes you want to be a better person.
  • Girls like boys who treat their families well. It's an indication of who you'll be as a family man based on how you are with your own family.
  • Have fun. Take this advice and use it, but don't dwell so much on the details that you get bogged down. If you aren't having fun, it's not worth it.

There you have it, son of mine. I hope you find an awesome chick who thinks your an awesome dude. You deserve only the best.

Love, your momma


Raven said...

Also, don't rush! You don't HAVE to be in love. Crushes happen, infatuation happens, you don't have to been with this person for the rest of your life. No pressure. SERIOUSLY.


So many teens are in the fast lane for love and forever.

Jess said...

Such great advice! The next few years are going to be quite a trip for both of you.

Sarah said...

what a great set of advice. I hope he really listens. If he does, he can't go wrong

Chandler Jaye said...

That's great advice. I bet you and I have been through it all and seen it all and can now give awesome advice! If I ever have a son, this is one of the most important things I will teach him.

TUWABVB said...

I hope you are printing this out and giving it to him. Or, I guess telling him is always an option - LOL!

One bit of advice my dad gave to my brother - always remember that she's someone's daughter and her parents love her as much as we love you. My brother always said, for some reason, that made it easy to treat someone well, because you put them in the context of a family.

nellie said...

OMG, this was great! I wish some mom would give this advice to the men i am dating!

Kami said...

This is so sweet! I wish all boys had advice from their Momma's as good as your advice. I especially like "look for the girl who makes you want to be a better person." Good advice for everyone!
Linked over here from SLynnRo...enjoying the read :)

sarah said...

Love this! Wonderful advice!