Update: The reader's digest version

  • I'm excited to say I'm about to embark on joining a new blog soon. It's still in the works and it's not yet ready to be launched, but as soon as it is I'll be sure to post about it.
  • Also, and friend and I are starting another blog. Actually it's already made and I just need to get in there and set it all up. Look for that information soon!
  • My garden is growing! I don't kill things! A furry creature has been foraging around but hasn't done too much damage. I CANNOT wait to taste the vegetables of my labor. Ha!
  • Derick comes home from his dad's house in just a few weeks and I CAN'T WAIT. I miss the little dude. (He's almost 14 so he's really not little.)
  • Derick will be going back to his dad's house in August. HATE. Post to come.
  • Jackson is, well, Jackson. He's totally cool and you'd be lucky to hang with him. Fo Sho.
  • All sorts of trips are coming up. Austin next weekend! (To meet MaryAnn!*) Missouri in July! Sacramento in September! A possible cruise in November! Possibly Florida in July also!
  • I injured my knee a few weeks ago and it was total crap. I didn't workout for 2 weeks, felt like poo and gained 7 billion pounds.
  • I'm back on track for the most part and I've lost 1 pound of the 7 billion.
  • I had a TOTAL blast in Houston last weekend. Those people rule and you'd be lucky to hang with them, too. Jess, it was lovely to see you again!
  • I'm a lame blogger these days. That's what happens when I get some time off of work.
  • Expect more lameness to happen. It's too nice outside to sit here at my desk and write stuff. Told you I was lame!


* I hope I spelled your name right and got the punctuation and spelling right also! If not, then it seems I owe you a beer, or three.


La Petite Chic said...

I'm with you. It's hard to find time to blog when it's pretty outside. :)

Melissa said...

If you need to get into Dinsey for free just let me know and I'll make the arrangements with SIL...because I'm cool like that!

What's this other blog about? I need details!!

Sarah said...

I want to see pics of this garden!

TUWABVB said...

I'm so jealous that you got to meet Miss Raven! I had no idea! I tried to talk her into coming to Austin, but she's away...maybe since the trip is postponed we have a shot now.

No worries about the spelling - it's all one work with no caps if you really want to know, but I don't care anymore (that's what I get for my mom picking the most pain in the ass spelling).

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