Reach for the stars, baby.

While getting ready for the day this morning I grabbed a bottle of tinted moisturizer (my go to staple during the summer) and Jackson asked me, in his adorable 2-year-old manner, "Whatcha got, Mommy?" to which I replied "Mommy's got makeup". He thought for a second and said "I want makeup, Mommy!".

And here's where it gets comical and difficult and honest.

My first thought was to tell him that, no, boys don't wear makeup and dismiss his even asking. But then I thought to my self, self, what if you are hindering his possible love for makeup and being an exceptional drag queen. Someday, in his tell all biography he will devote an entire chapter to how his mother, at a young age, didn't support his love of all things makeup-y.

I wouldn't really give my young, extremely messy child makeup to put on. He does get chapstick on occasion but I attribute that to wanting nice soft lips so he can plant a big smakaroo on his momma's cheek. But I'm very serious about supporting him, even it involves wearing gobs of Nars lip gloss and Chanel shimmer powder (to die for, by the way).

I always had that support from my parents and I want to pass that along to my children even it's something I don't agree with or think is sort of different. I know when I choose to be a vegan that my mother was skeptical but ultimately has become one of my biggest supporters, often researching things for me even though she doesn't do the same as me. I am eternally grateful.

So, Jackson, if you choose to be a drag queen (hopefully world famous if that's the case) or a firefighter or whatever you want, I'll support you and do the best I can to give you tools necessary.

But you'll have to buy your own Chanel shimmer powder, though.


Sarah said...

so very very sweet.
What a good mama you are

TUWABVB said...

You are such a good mother - I love these stories and how open you are with your child.

Also, what is the shimmer powder you speak of?

Melissa said...

Boys are fun! When Drew was about 1ish one of his favorite things was my Clinique make-up compact and a small blush brush. He LOVED it. ( he has a love affair with all things soft so I assume that's what it is)

Fast forward to today, at 4, he loves babies to change their diapers, dress them, put them in time out for kicking etc. Do I think he's going to be a drag queen? No! Do I think he's curious about these "off limit" toys? Yep!

Tyler used to carry his toys around in one of moms purses...and I know he's not going to be a drag queen!