Highlights, an obsession and pictures

I haven't written much of anything lately because, well, frankly, I lead a fairly boring life. Lately it's been filled with working, being at home, working out, yoga (my newest thing!) and the occasional dinner out with friends. Also, my garden (squee!).

Speaking of my garden I have baby plants! That I grew from baby seeds! See the blurry picture below. That eventually will be a big, juicy cucumber. I can't even believe that I stuck some seeds in the ground and they are growing as if that's what they were always meant to do. Also, my leeks, sugar snap peas, tomatoes and Swiss chard are growing like, well, like they are supposed to. I planted a few more things recently like summer squash, cilantro, cinnamon basil and red bell peppers. Those haven't done anything yet, but I imagine any day now.

Eventually I'll have all these home grown! veggies so I can put to use all the massive amounts of spices I have. See photo below. I ADORE Central Market and the bulk section of spices, herbs and salts. It's a growing obsession. (I keep hoping I'll meet me future husband over a plastic tub of Pink Peruvian Salt or Coconut Curry powder.) I love going there and seeing what spices I don't have and replenishing the ones I do have. I don't profess to know how to use spices in the "right" way, but I enjoy playing around. I'm not very fancy with them because I keep them mostly in the plastic bags. I need to invest in more spice jars.

Speaking of playing around. Parents, please invest in this toy for your children. It will entertain them for HOURS. My child loves his spray bottle*. He sprays the grass, the dog (much to her irritation) and himself. Sometimes he even sprays his mother in the butt and laughs hysterically.

One of the perks of it getting warmer outside is that I can hang my laundry outside to dry. 5 years ago you wouldn't have caught me doing this. In fact I probably would have laughed at someone who did. But then I woke up to the possibility of getting a little vitamin D in the purest form, some light exercise, a chance to save a few cents on my electric bill and the opportunity to save the environment one load at a time. Please excuse the half dead grass. Also, see my garden box?! And the bonus power drill. I love my power drill

So, basically that's all I have to write today. It's not much, but it's better than nothing I suppose.


*This is some random spray bottle that I cleaned really well and filled with regular old tap water.


MommaMo said...

Spray bottles are fun, and completely harmless... unless you are getting ready to leave the house and get shot in the butt.

She Likes Purple said...

I can't believe how old Jackson looks in this picture. I did a double take. Also, I love how Giada (on Giada at Home) has her spices. You can KIND OF see them in the cabinet behind her here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_27SX3UpPCoM/SWFAAX14ljI/AAAAAAAAF0E/ADEgo3wlKCA/s400/giada4.jpg. They're in circular canisters. I bet you could get them at the Container Store or IKEA and then you make your own labels. I love that idea.

Chandler Jaye said...

That's awesome - my mom used to hang our towels outside and we used to hate it because they came in all stiff! And you and me both are talking about our not so exciting lives....but that should all change and we should make it our mission to have an awesome summer! Jackson and the spray bottle - too funny! Poor Emma.

TUWABVB said...

Your son is adorable! I love how kids focus on the simplest of toys (apparently I was obsessed with a box for six months when I was young - brought it everywhere much to my parents' chagrin).

I cannot wait to have a garden...it's the one thing I want to be able to do in our new house.