See how my garden grows

It's been 6 weeks or so since I last posted about my garden. It's growing nicely and I'm quite impressed that I have living plants that haven't kicked the bucket. See pictorial proof below!

All of these plants were grown from seed with the exception of the tomato plants. Of this I am QUITE proud. I planted a few more things in the spaces like onions, peppers and a pattypan squash, but they haven't popped up just yet. I cannot wait to eat the fruits, ahem, of my labor!

I can't grow regular grass, but I can grow other things! I've decided I need two garden boxes. I'm talking to you, Dad.
These are my sugar snap pea plants. Jackson LOVES sugar snap peas and have you seen how expensive organic sugar snap peas are?! Almost $5 for a tiny container. I realize that my tomato cages aren't the best for growing peas, but they will just have to do.

Here's a mystery plant that I have no clue what it is. It doesn't look like anything else I have so I just don't know. I hate to pull it out because it might be some fancy new veggie that I've never ha.d Or a weed. Who knows. Anyone recognize this plant?

Broccoli! How I love thee.

Here are my two excellent looking summer squash plants. They've grown since I took this picture 2 days ago.

One of my three surviving cilantro plants (damn bunnies). I hear you either love or hate cilantro. I'm of the former persuasion.

Swiss Chard! I can't wait till it gets large enough to eat. Look at the gorgeous greens and reds. I think chard is one of the loveliest plants. I especially love rainbow chard.

Cucumber plants. These are doing well. I planted these for my kids because I'm not a huge cucumber fan, but I'm learning to love it.

You say tomato I say I GREW TOMATOES!!!! See them?! I hear these are easy plants to grow, and I suppose that's correct. These are Roma's that I bought already growing so I can't take credit for it all. So far there are only like 6 tomatoes so I'm hoping I'll have much more soon.

My dad told me the tomato plants were too close, turns out he's right. Oh well.

I'm really just winging this so far. I haven't fertilized or anything other than plant and water. I probably should do something but I haven't gotten around to it.

Also, I'm ITCHING to compost. I have a link to what looks like a great composting bin for me and my situation, I just need to order it or find a cheaper one.

I am loving this gardening thing. I can't wait to go outside and pick something to eat it.


Raven said...

Cilantro tastes like soap and that means I am apparently allergic. UGH.

My broccoli plant is not fairing so well, apparently it's already too hot down here for it but my tomato is doing great!

TUWABVB said...

I love home grown tomatoes and cucumbers. I can't wait ot have a garden. We hope to have one eventually, so I'll definitely be looking at your posts for tips!

Sarah said...

eeek great job! It is so satisfying to grow stuff you can eat. I am excited for you :)

La Petite Chic said...

Kristie! I'm so impressed by your garden. I am also of the cilantro-loving persuasion. I can't get enough of it. Also, I tried to grow tomatoes on our balcony last year. The plant grew and grew and grew, but never produced a tomato!

Jess said...

This is beautiful! I can't wait until we have a garden. Maybe next year!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I love it! It looks great!
My tomato plants are growing like weeds! Every day my girl goes outside to pull the red ones off. They taste great! Can't wait to have more veggies like you!

Crazy Mama said...

looks good! I can't seem to grow broccoli or cauliflower. I only get leaves and never any veggies. I buy my tomatoes already in plants. I can't see to get them going by seed. I have no idea what your mystery plant is but I'm like you I won't pull it until I know.
I don't put anything in my garden except for water. If I actually had the desire to I'd probably put compost in it but I'm too lazy. I have an organic garden. You could probably build a bin for compost if you wanted. I just have a pile goin on the the side of my shed.

}i{ Liza }i{ said...

This is so awesome. I was about to buy a house in May...(long story) and I had fully planned out my backyard which included some of these above groudn garden boxes! I am so jealous! But good for you!