My new obsession is 'bananas'. That doesn't mean that I'm obsessed with bananas.

Um, I'm sort of embarrassed to say that I am currently obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project. Since I stumbled across it last Saturday I've watched 6 episodes and it's like I'm a deer and this show are the headlights that are barreling toward me at high speed. I just can't look away. No matter how hard I try.

Even thought I think Rachel could stand to gain 10 pounds (which I don't mind at all passing along to her) and I think Taylor reminds me of my cousin, Rachel, except a way bitchier version and I want to strap Rodger down and give him a proper haircut, I just love this show. As for Brad, I adore him and want to stick him in my pocket. I won't even really bring up the fact the Rachel has this awful habit of wearing furs that make her look like a Yetty.

The clothes! and shoes! and especially the jewelry!!!! Some of the dresses that Rachel thinks will 'shut it down' are so not my style and I think should be given away to the Goodwill. But there are other dresses that I covet and wish I was independently wealthy enough to afford them. Or even to just touch them.

Recently I've really been into fashion. Really I'm into looking at fashion and how people dress. One of my favorite shows is What Not To Wear and I'm certain I've seen every episode. I love seeing how ordinary people learn to dress well. As I get older I am realizing that fashion is more than just a cute pair of shoes or a nice jacket. It's a way to express yourself and show confidence. Dressing well (even on a budget) is important for self esteem and one's overall well being.

Sure, I wear t-shirts and ill fitting running shorts and old crappy tennis shoes when I don't have to be anywhere important. But when I go to work or meet a friend for dinner I take the extra time to make sure I look good even if it's only for me. It makes me feel good and that's what's important.

I think the excitement that you can see on Rachel Zoe's face when she sees a dress or accessory that she loves is what I get excited about. I have a closet full of clothes that I like for the most part and a few things that I love but I want to love every item I have with such enthusiasm as Rachel. Maybe that's why I'm obsessed with her show. Or it could be I just like the shoes.

Do you watch either show? Do you think they are brilliant or total crap? What's your new obsession?


Raven said...

I watch them and think that they are both awesome. I would LOVE to be on What Not to Wear. Seriously. $5000 for shopping? I DIE!

Elizabeth said...

I used to watch WNTW all the time, but it started to stack up on my DVR and I got a little bit burnt out on it. They essentially tell everyone to wear more dressier tailored clothes than they are, all the time. Which is a good lesson, but not really practical for me right now.

My SIL told me I would love the Rachel Zoe Project and that it reminded her of me, so I just recorded it last night to check it out. But if shoes are involved, I have the feeling I'm going to really like. I just hope all the pretty pretty dresses don't make me depressed that I have nowhere to wear one :)

Maggie said...

I watched some of Rachel Zoe the other day with my friend Ann. I want her to eat a couple hundred cheeseburgers, but other than that I adore her.

I'm also learning more about fashion. I love sweats and when I'm home, you bet that's what I'm in. I am working on not dressing so horribly when I go to run errands.

Tell Mz. Raven that if we're going to be on WNTW, we're gonna have to start slummin'. Maybe we can all agree to turn each other in and see if we can get chosen!!!!!


TUWABVB said...

I am obsessed with TRZP. The way she speaks offends every sense, but yet I'm drawn to it. I don't understand why I'm so obsessed...she often looks like a yetti (you nailed that one) and for the love of God why can't she brush her hair....but I can't look away. It's like rubber-necking in the world of fashion.

And yes, Rodger needs to have his clip-on hair trimmed and defrizzed. Soon.

Kristin said...

I love it. Rachel Zoe is shutting. It. Down.
I was all set to hate her but, instead, I. die.

La Petite Chic said...

I adore WNTW! Clinton is so cute!! I haven't seen TRZP yet though.