Almost 2 years later

Almost 2 years ago I got a skimpy, shiny, lacy, extremely inappropriate nightgown (that's putting it politely) from Victoria's Secret as a gift from my now insignificant other. I was 8 months pregnant, large as an ocean liner and slept in cut off sweat pants and size 3x men's t-shirts. I had absolutely no interest in looking even remotely sexy. As if that nightgown would have even fit me if I wanted to wear it. As soon as I possibly could, I went to Victoria's Secret and returned the offensive items in exchange for a gift card loaded with $60.62.

That gift card has been slowly burning a hole in my wallet ever since. People have been giving me a hard time about not using my fully functional gift card. The same people (Hi sweetie!) have even sent me e-mails with offer codes for free stuff from VS if I'd just go use my gift card.

Well, people, I've finally used it. I am usually leery about buying clothing on the Internet because who knows if it will fit, but I bit the bullet and decided to go for it.

This dress is so cute. I got this in the lake blue color. I figure I can add a jacket and knee high boots and wear it during the winter. And then I'll also have a cute summer dress. Thank GOD for strapless bras.

This top in grass green will look so cute with jeans.

I think this shirt will be fantastic with black slacks and a coordinating jacket. I surprised myself and got this in a yellow color. I used to think I looked bad in yellow, and maybe I still do, but I'm branching out.

And lastly. I'm hoping that along with these panties that I get the ass that goes with them.


Abbi said...

I'm so glad that your pocket is no longer burning! Good purchases! Let me know if the ass comes with the underwear, ok?

Sarah said...

ooh those are some great purchases! Those are some cute cookie covers!;)

Missah said...

If that ass comes with the underwear I'm buying them in every color...and does the body come with the dress?

Missah said...
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Anonymous said...

YIPEEEE! You finally used it? I am so excited! I was going to buy that same dress, but i hate strapless bras, and I'm a bit nervous about going braless. If the booty comes with the panties, I AM SO BUYING ONE IN EVERY DAMN COLOR!!!

SLynnRo said...

What kind of cruel cruel person gives a pregnant lady lingerie?!?!? Much better used how you have done it.

La Petite Chic said...

Those are great choices! You'll have to post pictures of yourself...well, except for the underwear :)