Internet, would you buy this dress?

Details are as follows:

Machine washable
Boat neckline
Removable synthetic patent belt at waist
Pleated below waist
On-seam pockets
Colorblocking at hem
Hits at knee; approximate length from center back neckline: 39 inches
ETA: It's on sale for $77.40 at Macy's


Raven said...

Is it a good price? That is my determining factor for ANYTHING nowadays, I don't even use my cell (we are over our minutes, fucking hurricane) because it's so expensive.

It's definitely cute and would look adorable on you!

Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't, the unlined thing gives me pause. For $78 bucks, it should be lined.

Li'l Foot's mommy said...

I probably wouldn't. But that's only because that style doesn't look good on my body type.

Elena said...

I think it's cute, but I wouldn't buy it for myself (unless perhaps it went on clearance for less than $20). I don't buy clothes unless they're ridiculously cheap. Plus, I feel like a whore when I wear a dress or skirt that isn't at least a few inches below the knee. I know...I'm pathetic. =)

SLynnRo said...

That is adorable.

MommaMo said...

I would have to pass - something about not being able to see the pleating in the picture bugs me.

Sarah said...

ooh it's super cute!

Ms. R said...

I think it is a great and would look awesome with your coloring. Question though, what would you wear it to?