SERIOUSLY, what IS it with people?

So I'm sitting at my desk and a client comes in to drop some of their tax stuff off. We chat for a few minutes and then he looks at my stomach and says "Are you pregnant again?".


I'm irate about people making fat comments and pregnant comments. I'm not small by any means but seriously come on. I've average weight for most people my height and age and I don't have an overly protruding stomach.

I fully intend on charging him double or triple. Oh yes I do.
Thank you to all who wished my Bobee (Jackson) a happy birthday! The birthday party was a hit and we had lots of fun. Almost 40 people showed up to his b-day. Holy cow! That kiddo is so loved. Oh, and I didn't make his cake. I attempted twice and failed miserably. Eric's mom ordered a cake and it was ADORABLE. He's a Groundhog baby, so it only made sense to have a Groundhog theme. See the proof here:
The first cake was for the adults:

And THIS! This is Jackson's own little cake:


And lastly, tax season is in full swing. I have reached that point of not being able to go pee when I need to. SUCK!


Jess said...

Are you KIDDING? Even if you DID look pregnant, even if you looked like you could give birth at any second, haven't people LEARNED? NEVER ASK THAT QUESTION.

She Likes Purple said...

That is RIDICULOUS. I hope he was embarrassed and apologetic when you gave him the answer. I just don't get people. You look fantastic. I just saw you on Saturday.

Abbie said...


The cakes are so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass that guy was!
Love the cakes.

Unnaturally Blonde said...

I can't believe that someone would say something like that. People are complete assholes sometimes.

Raven said...

This just backs up my theory that people have no fucking manners anymore.


Le Petit Chic said...

Seriously? What the hell is wrong with people? UGH. Moving on...the cakes were adorable! Glad he had such a wonderful birthday!

pamperedbunz said...

Blah! People do suck. :( I hope someone gives him an un-compliment one of these days...

But hey, isn't there a cute little bum that should be pictured too?? :)

Happy late birthday Jackson!

Angella said...

What an IDIOT!

Sweet cake though! And forty people? He IS loved!

SLynnRo said...

OMG- those cakes!

And really, I can't believe anyone would ask anyone that question. Ever.

Rebecca said...

Those cakes are awesome, makes me want to shove that a*s holes face in on of them though!