The best day in my homeowning life.

Last year, about this time of year, I got a letter from my mortgage company. They politely informed me that I had an escrow shortage and my house payment was going to increase over FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS a month.

After I came to, from the fainting that ensued after I finished reading the letter, I fainted again.

Well, guess what. I got a letter from my mortgage company yesterday. And I did the opposite of faint, I cheered! I now have an escrow SURPLUS! My house payment is going down by over $350 a month.

I knew those bastards overcharged me.


Raven said...

This is why we don't escrow. Wills has money go directly into an interest bearing savings account with ING direct twice a month and then we use that at the end of the year to pay our taxes with.

I could not handle that sort of crap, I am a FREAK when it comes to money stress.

When my sister built her house they appraised her taxes on the land not the property so her house payment DOUBLED. That's how badly they overcharged her the next year. Holy shit! I would seriously lose my ever lovin' mind.

kristabella said...

I would have FLIPPED out!

Glad it reversed itself this year!

Unnaturally Blonde said...

Oh congrats! That's great news for you, what a relief after last year. I agree with Raven, we use ING and it's been fabulous thus far.

EmilyPie said...

Whew. I bet that is a relief ;) congratulations..

Jess said...

Oh good! That is so scary and makes me never want to have a mortgage, ever. Urgh.