Score one for me!

Oh, Emily, I'm so sorry to rub it in your face. I really am.

I read this post and remembered the one day my dog, Emma, sprung herself out of her crate while I was at work. I came home to find she had eaten anything that wasn't nailed down. She also pooped and peed anywhere she damn well pleased. This was about a year and a half ago. I remember the horror I felt walking into my house. She has never been left alone in the house alone unless she's in her crate. She's generally a good dog, but her bordeom takes over and she ransacks the house.

So guess what happened today? She accidentally didn't get put outside before we all left for the day. She was INSIDE the house ALL DAY free to roam and demolish anything she pleased. When I walked in the door I saw on of Jackson's stuffed animals laying in the middle of the hallway and my heart sank. I just knew I was about to enounter what could be compared to World War 3 in my house. I just KNEW it.

As I walked in I saw her sleeping on the couch so I went room to room to assess the damage. Nothing! That's what I found! Other than the stuffed toy I didn't find any mess at all! She didn't even pee or poop in the house! I was literally shocked. She's almost 3 now so I guess she's realized that the house isn't her personal playspace or 'dumping' ground if you know what I mean.


Also, I have a question for you guys. When you comment on someone's blog do you always expect them to reply to your comment? I read every single comment but I rarely reply back. And that's only because Blogger doesn't give your return e-mail address unless you've entered it, so unless I know your e-mail address I'd have to research to e-mail you back. Do you even care if I don't reply back?


Jess said...

Wow! Your dog is a saint. I was steeling myself for bad news but all she did was lie on the couch? That's a miracle.

She Likes Purple said...

We are so lucky (as are you now, apparently). We leave Molly every day in the house, and she does little more than knock our blankets on the ground onto her bed.

Where's your "10 Things" post? Did I miss it?

Abbie said...

What a good dog!!

I never expect replies. :)

Elena said...

That's awesome! Are you going to start trying to leave her out more, now?

Le Petit Chic said...

Such a well behaved dog! As for the comments thing, I totally don't care if you e-mail in response or not because I know it's time consuming. I try to, but I often get behind (like I am now) and then I get flustered.

SLynnRo said...

I reply within the comments. Since they aren't emailed to me, this is only the way I can communicate. I don't respond to every one though.

EmilyPie said...

HA! that is ok .... I'm glad she was on her best behavior ;)

My dogs have actually been doing quite well the rest of the week... though yesterday, they decided to pull out the crate pad and drag it and their dog bowls all around the house. So I think their boredom is starting kick in and maybe I should have taken that as a sign to leave them in their crates today .... but I didn't. I'm risking it.

As for replying to comments... I'd like to reply to some... but I have the same problem with emails and blogger. I'm actually considering moving my site in order to have better (whoa.. I just tried to spell that "bedder") access to emails and to respond to comments with out a whole heck of a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

I have some awesome stories about leaving my 2 labs in the house alone. You are sooo lucky that your doggie was a good dog this time. :)
No, I don't expect a reply, but it's always a nice surprise. :)

kristabella said...

I never expect replies. I only do it because it is easier for me. And I can't get on Wordpress from work.