DAY TEN : Festival food, clothes shopping and a slip up

So it's the beginning of day ten of my cleanse diet. I have branched out and bought new veggies that I've never had. Daiokon radish : hate it. Mung Beans : OK in stir fry, YUCKY raw. Beets : Just can't seem to get into them, but I'm going to keep trying. Chayote Squash : Haven't yet tried it, but I'm excited to. Endive : Haven't tried it yet either, but I'm sure it will be tasty.

Yesterday I went to a local jazz festival to enjoy the music and we ended up eating dinner there. Of course the food was all (mostly) crap food. Junk. Fried this and fried that. There was even a booth that was called "Yes! It's fried!" and everything was fried. From Twinkies to pickles. It made my stomach turn. I managed to find a booth that had baked potatoes that I ordered plain with some garlic salt. At another booth I found a guy who had vegetable lo mien so I ordered a plate of that and Jackson ate most of the noodles and I ate most of the veggies on my baked potato. Jackson and I also shared a huge ear of corn, plain, and it was a total hit. I managed to find healthy, good-for-me foods at a festival. It was a job, but I was so proud of myself to sticking to my diet. Hopefully, as time goes on, Jackson will absorb this and see that it's OK to eat well even when you are surrounded by fried Twinkies and pigs on sticks.

I did have a minor slip up this weekend, I cannot lie. My sister-in-law (who's progressing toward being a vegan YAY!!!) and I went shopping and, well, shopping is exhausting! We stopped at the indoor mall food court and I saw fruit smoothies and I was all YES! They have fruit smoothies! It's fruit! I asked what was in the smoothie and was all sorts of giddy to hear that they were made from soy milk and fruit juices. It's vegan! SWEET. So I ordered a yummy smoothie and drank about a 1/4 of it before I realized that HELLO, it's full of soy milk (which I'm avoiding right now) and sugar from the fruit juices (which I'm also avoiding). Oh well, it was an honest mistake.

Also, I had a grand time shopping. I'm officially back to a size 8 FINALLY. Jackson's been 2 since February if that tells you anything. It was a LONG LONG LONG road, but one I've had fun taking and one I've learned so much from. I happy to be back, that's for sure.

In a few days I'll be incorporating tofu, quinoa and brown rice back to my diet. I'm really excited, especially about the brown rice and quinoa, two of my favorites!

I am so proud of myself that I've done so well and kept on track (except my one mistake). It proves that even when I'm surrounded by junk food and processed things that I can absolutely make the choice to refrain, because my body is worth it. I am worth it.
Bonus picture of Jackson eating his "corns". He cried when it was all gone.


Jess said...

This is all so amazing! I am very impressed. Also, I cannot STAND endive. Urgh. Just thinking about it makes me want to gag. Here's hoping you feel differently!

Sarah said...

wow that is so awesome! You are teaching Jackson some pretty priceless lessons. He is going to have such good eating habits!

Maggie said...

Edimame. I LOOOOOOOOVE it. Is it allowed?

Ms. R said...

Good for you! I am glad you are doing so well.

MommaMo said...

Yummy yummy smoothies. Sorry to bust your detox, but all in good intentions- they are all fruit and soy milk - so still vegan! Maybe we can go again for some more later (and some more shopping while we're at it). Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMMM. Corn! Oh, and I am such a smoothie person. I make them allll the time.
I am so proud of you!