You'd think I have time to read by this post.

Yesterday I had the day off! and I was kid free! and it was a fairly nice day outside! I hung out with my parents almost the entire day. After returning a few ill-fated purchases I joined them for lunch, went to Barnes & Noble, took in a movie, stopped at the grocery store (so my cats wouldn't die of starvation) and then grabbed some dinner. It was a lovely day, and now I have a TON of new books to read. I tweeted about my book purchases yesterday and the lovely Danielle asked me what I got. Now, Danielle, I swear I wasn't ignoring you, I was only trying to figure out how to write, in 180 characters or less, the vast amount of books I got. Instead of tweeting about it, I'm going to tell you guys all about each book I got.

Honestly, I never had much interest in reading this book. I mean come on, it's like a billion years old and it's filled with words that I'd never use like whilst. So here's why I bought it. I often get stuck by long stop lights and trains on my way home. It's not uncommon to be stuck by a train for 10 minutes. In an effort to entertain myself I downloaded an iPhone app that's got something like 15 classic books. It's like a mini, electronic book. So I picked Gulliver's Travels to read and I actually made it quite far in the book just from reading it on my phone. When I was at B&N yesterday I happened to see the actual book and for some reason I couldn't resist getting it. I actually enjoy the book and the whist's and hereto's don't bother me much.

He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt
One of my girlfriend's, Chandler, told me that she had read this book and that it was an easy read. Also, when she said that it was written by a man about dating I was sold. Now maybe I'll have some tiny inkling about why most men suck. Plus, I want to see the movie and I just can't see a movie and then read the book. I'm actually bummed a little because the cover of the book shows all the characters and I hate that. I want to picture the characters in my own head, I don't want to have existing person placed in there for me.
OK, so, I admit it. I buy books, most of the time, based on the cover or title. The cover of this book looks so innocent and sweet and yet there's something I can't quite place, something dark about it. When I read the back of the book to see what it was about I was just drawn in. I have anxiety about reading this book, but I also picture warm summer nights filled with an innocence I'll never have again.

Hi Chandler! You told me about this movie, remember? So I picked up the book and read what it was about and it seemed, different. I'm always up for a book that's different. Plus, it's a movie now and I'd like to see it, but I require myself to read the book first.

I adore Wally Lamb. I've read all of his (two) books thus far and I just really enjoyed them. This book is QUITE thick and large and it was probably one of the more expensive books I've purchased in a long time. This is not a light hearted novel which means that I'll have to psych myself up to read this, but I just know it will be worth the time. Plus, I like the cover photo. I know that I often burn both ends simultaneously.

So, this isn't a book, I'm aware. It's note cards that I can mail to people. The artwork is some of my favorite for children's books and who doesn't love a cute caterpillar that turns into a "beautiful butterfly"?

I am actually in the middle of reading this book right now. I bought it in Ohio when I was visiting my Aunt. She has the coolest bookstore by her house and I'm totally jealous. So I read this on my, extremely short, lunch breaks and it's taken me a while to read much of it but I'm half way through the book and I'm really enjoying it. If you love books and love reading about books, read this one. It's great.

In Their Shoes by Grace Halsell
I was reading another book recently that referenced to this book and once I read what it was about I just had to get it. It's fascinates me when someone "becomes" someone else to gain knowledge, or experience or ammunition.

I've made it my personal mission to educate myself about the vegan diet. I read about it from all aspects, health of the human body, the lives of the innocent animals, the impact on the planet and the dire working conditions of the slaughter house employees. This is yet another book I am excited to read. Plus the cover is thought provoking, at least for me.


Ms. R said...

I love the Hungry Caterpillar stuff. I wish I still had those books.

Sarah said...

ahh I am inspired to get my butt to barnes and noble now!! Please keep us posted on how these books turn out

Raven said...

The original "he's just not that into you" wasn't a story; I've read it. I don't know if it's been re-worked since it became a movie but essentially it was a collection of instances where women convince themselves that a guy really isn't the douche that lurks within and this guy debunks it, pretty awesome read actually.

It revolutionized dating for one of my single girlfriends and lead to her breaking up with a guy that was really bad news for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I'm so glad you bought that book, but no worries, it doesn't have characters....its a "how to" on dating and its funny. I knew that guy at the gym wasn't acting very interested but before I made any further "moves" I said to myself "he's just not that into you" and actually laughed about it. I swear the book makes you stronger! I feel I have magic powers now and I can see through the crap. Luv, Chandler PS: I'm gonna figure out this blog thing one of these days!

TUWABVB said...

I love Wally Lamb! I started "I Know This Much Is True" but then it was due back and the library and I couldn't renew it because someone else had it on their reserve list. :( I'll have to check it out again and start over, but he's an amazing writer!