Organization is not a strong trait I posses.

So, The Container Store is having a sale on their Elfa organizational products. It looks to be an awesome sale that doesn't end till mid May so I'm contemplating plunking my hard earned money down to organize my closet.

Which closet you ask? My bedroom closet. It's a nice walk in closet that is large enough to house my ridiculously large shoe collection, vast amounts of clothes I've collected over the years and other random things I can't seem to part with. But it's a MESS. It's really just a few shelves and a hanging area and that's it. There's no way to really organize it other than hang things up and keep the shoes in the mismatched floor and door organizers I have. The dead space that's not being used is vast.

I will admit that I suck at putting clothes away. My dresser is covered with folded, clean clothes that I just can't manage to make myself put away. So I figure if I get some sort of drawer option in my closet that maybe it will be a little easier than my current plan. Which is obviously a non-plan.

Plus, I decided not to put extra money into my retirement account like I had planned on. Instead of investing in the stock market I'll be investing in my home. It sounds good, right?

My only stress? Installing it myself. I don't normally have large blocks of time that I can spend hammering and measuring and installing things. There's that whole having a toddler underfoot to worry about. Not to mention the fact that I work much more than I did a few months ago.

I've got some time to decide and tweak the current layout that the Container Store people did for me. Until then I will continue to have pleasant day dreams about a beautifully organized closet fit for a queen.


Sarah said...

I NEVER put away clean clothes. I so wish I could commit to doing it but alas, it never happens:(

Kristabella said...

I think that's a great idea! And if/when you sell the house, that will increase its resale value!

Can you tell I watch Property Virgins non-stop?

TUWABVB said...

Although I haven't installed closet organizers myself, my husband did and said it was pretty easy. And it totally made the closet more friendly to putting things away...I remember hearing that on show show (of the "Clean House/Clean Sweep" variety) that if every item has a distinct place where it belongs, it's easier to put stuff away. I wouldn't know. :)