Filler post

I know that all 4.3 of you miss me. So here's a random filler post. (Send extra help here....working too much....need a nap. Also, maybe some chocolate.)

1. My ex...isn't getting his income tax refund, I am!!!!! It's about damn time, considering he owes over 50 THOUSAND dollars. Plus, I'm all feeling good about the fact that I took some of that money and started a savings account so Derick will have a few bucks for college.

2. Maybe I should...finally get my act together and finish the things I start. I fear it's become a habit that I'm having a hard time breaking.

3. I love....being a vegan. Like, seriously love it. I feel better and look better (I think) and I love that I eat some a large variety of things I would have never eaten.

4. People would say that I'm...kind but that I don't put up with shit from other people (sometimes to my detriment).

5. I don't understand why...there are only 3 months in which to complete almost one years worth of work.

6. When I wake up in the morning.....I sometimes thank my lucky stars that I bought the good mattress and not the cheap one.

7. I lost my.....well, let's see. I lost a TON of money in already tiny retirement account. How will I ever retire? Also, I lost an entire fund that I had. Not that there was much in it, but still.

8. Life is full of....interesting people. And by interesting I mean fun and peculiar and awful and awesome and all things rolled into one.

9. My past is...something I attempt to learn from but sometimes I need a reminder.

10. I get annoyed...when I try so hard to get something and then other people barely have to try at all it just comes to them. I like to think that I appreciate it more, but it's still annoying.

11. Parties are....too far and few between!

12. I wish....Someone would manage my money and bills. Anyone?

13. Dogs…are annoying when they eat cat poop. *gross*

14. Cats.....love to walk on my kitchen counters and it drives me crazy. I know where those feet have been!

15. Tomorrow I....will get to wear jeans to work.

16. I have low tolerance....for mean or ignorant people.

17. If I had a million dollars... I'd pay a lot of taxes. Then I'd pay my house off. (Only 11 years left!)

18. I'm totally terrified... that my children won't learn how to have a normal relationship with a significant other because they don't see me in one.

19. My spouse is.... um...a figment of my imagination?

20. My life is...mostly fun and interesting and full of surprises.


TUWABVB said...

I love that you are getting his refund...karma baby!

I haven't checked my 401(k) in a few months. It's called denial. I'm hoping by the time I get around to looking at it it will be back up. :)

Melissa said...

Okay first off, your children WILL have good relationships because they HAVE learned from you. They've learned that they will ALWAYS have their mothers unconditional love and that my friend is the most important lesson of all. How your children relate to you and vise versa is what teaches them! They know that they can come to you with anything and you will support them, love them and cherish them!

And you know what's grosser than eating cat poop? Your daughter not telling you that she pooped in the potty and the dog taking care of it. Gag.

La Petite Chic said...

I really liked this post! Thank god you are finally getting some money from your ex...even if it had to come from his refund!
Hang in there at work :)

Sarah said...

I loved this post! I think I may do it on my blog too! I can't wait to see you on the internets more frequently! Hang in there!

Kristabella said...

That is so true about only a few months to wrap up an entire year's worth of work!

I pulled out A LOT of money from my 401k (basically most of it) to use as a down payment on my condo. They only asked for 3% down, but I wanted to put down more. And after I did it, I was like "oh, maybe I should have put only the 3% down. I just cleared my retirement account."

But then I realized, I'll make more money off of it (right now at least) by putting it into a house than I would in my 401k.

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