The story about the weight loss (via rambling thoughts)

I am so close to my weight loss goal. I can literally taste it. I am actually at around the same weight I was before I had Jackson but things have shifted so pre-baby clothes just don't fit the same. My hips are wider and my tush is, well, saggier. It probably isn't really, but it feels like it is!

Several years ago I joined Weight Watchers and I got to a respectable 126 pounds and wore a size 6 or 8, depending. My goal this time around is to get to between 130 and 135. 126 was just too difficult to maintain for me.

While I was away taking Derick to live with his Dad I stuffed my self full of things I knew weren't healthy in such massive proportions but I was stressed and tired and bummed and I just didn't care. Since I've been back I've taken control of my crazy out of control eating habit that I had formed over a week and I've shed about 8 pounds. It was tough work, but I feel better and my jeans aren't angry with me anymore.

I joined an online Biggest Loser competition that's been motivating me to really do it right this time. I took before photos in my sports bra and skin tight workout pants and let's just say that I had no idea that I had fat in places that one can't see when I'm dressed. Obviously I won't be posting those pictures here. I'm not that brave. But it made me realize that even though I'm considered "normal" weight for my height that I'm not where I need to be in regards to losing the excess fat I've accumulated.

Additionally, I have been so non-consistent with the exercising and it's annoying me. Now that I'm back to working full time (and then some) it's less and less appealing to go straight from work to go exercise. I attempting jogging last week and it was brutal. I made it only 1 mile before my legs started cramping. To be honest, I didn't stretch before hand (first mistake) and I hadn't done hardly any cardio exercises in weeks (second mistake) so I was ill prepared to start back up again.

I bought this awesome iPhone app called Loseit! that tracks my calories and exercise for the day and it's the best thing I've use so far. I always have my phone with me so it's an essential tool that I am so glad that I found.

The misconception seems to be that vegans are mostly thin people and that is just not true. I have a wealth of foods that are available to me and some are less than the picture of health. In fact, when I first became vegan I (wrongly) assumed that I'd drop the excess pounds in the blink of an eye. WRONG. Now I make it a point to eat raw fruits and vegetables for most of my meals. Salads and fruit smoothies are a staple that show up almost every single day of the week.

I know that I will forever struggle with my weight (it's a family trait) so I'm trying my hardest to control it without it controlling me.


P.S. Rebecca....your gift card will be there soon! I've been forgetful, blame it on the workload. :)


Melissa said...

The important thing to remember here is not to be controlled by numbers. If you feel good and like what you see in the mirror then your good. Don't loose track of Kristie when your loosing the extra baby phat!

M said...


I've come to realize (whether I like it or not) that the weight I ended up making "lifetime" with wasn't a good weight for me. I was never meant to be 129lbs., and I'm okay with that.

Keep up the good work, honey.


TUWABVB said...

I think you should be really proud of yourself! I've really been trying to jump start taking care of myself...I'm just not motivated to do anything lately. I'm interested in that App - I don't have an Iphone, but I have an Ipod Touch and some of the applications work on it some I'm going to check it out. Thanks!

Sarah said...

First off, Great job! Seriously, your dedication to your health is really inspiring to me. I wish I had the determination you do.

Also I love this quote:

"I know that I will forever struggle with my weight (it's a family trait) so I'm trying my hardest to control it without it controlling me."

chills, seriously.

I love following you on this journey