Internet sites I love.

I've been too busy lately to come up with a proper blog post so I'm giving you websites I love. Share yours too if you want. I can always use new things to look at and learn about.

The PPK - want to join a message board that answers every question about vegan's? Here's your place to go.

Someecards - On the prowl for tacky, rude and hilariously funny ecards? Here's the best site.

Red Carpet Fashion Awards - I, for one, love looking at pretty people in pretty clothes.

Project Rungay - I love this blog. I hope that Project Runway comes back soon so I can hear more witty things about the designers.

Have Cake Will Travel - OK, so I love this blog, but I LOVE this particular recipe so much. It takes time to make, but it's so worth it.

KIOSK - Cool stuff to buy. 'Nuff said.

Hostels.com - Someday I'll take a vacation far away in the world and I'll do it with friends or alone if I have to. Someday.

Perpetual Kid - Everyone knows a kid or a grown up who acts like a kid. They might appreciate a gift from this site. Or maybe you can find something for yourself.

Velocity Art And Design - It's just a cool site for cool home stuff.

Rattle-N-Roll - I really want a poster for Jackson. This site is so awesome.

PostSecret - I've been enjoying this blog for several years. It makes me cry, laugh, and everything in between.

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